Hurricane Sandy

Storyful Prepares for Coverage of Likely U.S. Attack on Syria

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YouTube is full of videos from the world’s hotspots, from Syria to Oklahoma tornadoes. But have you ever wondered whether what you’re seeing is real?

Enter Storyful, the journalistic arm of the social web. The organization calls themselves the world’s first “social news agency.” And, with a likely strike by the U.S. against Syria pending, the firm is preparing for a flood of coverage across social media.

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Hurricane Sandy: A Study of the Power of Social


When Sandy hit the Eastern seaboard on October 29, millions of people were without power within hours. With limited means of contacting family and friends, and minimal cell phone service, those affected by one of the largest hurricanes on record were left struggling to find ways to communicate with the rest of the nation. When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were nonexistent. But the social web of 2012 is a vastly different place than it was only a few years ago and the ability to share content online, as was demonstrated during Superstorm Sandy, is increasingly becoming the go-to means of communicating when communication isn’t easy.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook-Yahoo Deal? | iMessage/FaceTime Outage


Yahoo Plots Alliance with Facebook in New Search Deal (The Sunday Telegraph)
Sources have told The Sunday Telegraph that Marissa Mayer, chief executive of Yahoo, has held discussions with Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, about how the two companies can work more closely together. The two Internet giants have already collaborated together on a number of small projects, for example to share Yahoo! news on Facebook, and recently agreed to settle a number of long-standing lawsuits over patents.

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Hurricane Sandy Relief Stations From Time Warner Cable

streplycampaigns 18-23-21

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Hurricane Sandy, and while New York City is definitely getting back to normal for many, some New Yorkers are still living without power or without shelter.

To help out, Time Warner Cable has set up trucks where residents in need can get a hot meal, charge up their device and access free Wi-Fi. To help get the word out, Time Warner is using Twitter, a central tool for communication during the aftermath of the storm. The Twitter handle @TWCable_NYC is tweeting out real-time updates on locations for these charging stations and food trucks, which are on the move.

Time Warner is not alone in reaching out to New Yorkers. AT&T and others have been hosting mobile charging stations around the city, where residents could charge up and access the Internet.

Social Media Newsfeed: Racial Slur | HootSuite Flub


Woman Fired After Obama Facebook Post: ‘I’m Not Racist’ (Los Angeles Times)
A California woman fired from her job at Coldstone Creamery after using a racial slur to describe President Barack Obama on Facebook and writing “maybe he will get assassinated” said she is not a racist. “I’m not racist and I’m not crazy. just simply stating my opinion.!!!” Denise Helms wrote on Facebook.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Pres. Election | Hurricane Sandy | Twitter Copyright

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Is Social Media ‘Turning Off’ Young Voters to Political Discourse? (The Seattle Times)
Young voters are more engaged with the election than ever before, thanks to social media. But are today’s conversations as deep as they were in the past? The New York Times The media are gearing up for election night, the finale of the year’s biggest story. Different this time will be the level of noise on the Web — more Web sites and individual users will most likely try to call the race early, creating a cacophony on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. AllThingsD Some of what you may read there as the day wheres on may be true, some will be planted in order to discourage or encourage voters from one side or the other at a vulnerable moment when polls. Nearly all of it will be exaggerated and some will be downright false. AllFacebook Facebook wants you to stay connected to the latest news and connect with friends around your favorite candidates via the app center. Facebook compiled the top applications of this election cycle in one section of the app center. AllTwitter If you’ve been seeing some nasty comments about the election on Facebook or Twitter lately, you’re not alone: discussions surrounding both President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney have been much more negative than positive on social media throughout the entire campaign. Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism studied mainstream coverage and compared this to social media coverage of the campaign. Read more