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How imgur Reached 2 Billion Page Views [Infographic]


Have you ever used Reddit? If so — and I hope you have — you’ve probably clicked on an image here or there. A few years ago, those image links would have pointed to all sorts of different hosting services like imageshack and tinyimage, but those sites didn’t seem to do the trick for Reddit users. Some weren’t fast enough, some had too many ads. Whatever the reason, a Redditor named Alan Schaaf decided to put together a site to service Reddit better.

That site was imgur, and it now serves over 2 Billion monthly page views. Check out the infographic to see imgur’s path from 2009 to today.

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5 Image Bookmarking Sites To Never Loose Cool Pictures Found On The Web Again

Image bookmarking sites are great way to never loose interesting photos or images you see browsing around the web. Most of us are very used to link bookmarking sites like Delicious, but when it comes to pictures, often, we don’t know how to left some notes for ourselves and bookmark them. That’s why you may want to browse across some of the most popular image bookmarking sites listed below. is amazing site with great community where you can see coolest pictures people consider valuable. It is very easy to browse across pictures you are interested in because image tags are always accessible. Check out Firefox extension which will make image bookmarking even easier.


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See the Actual Size of Things

My little sister is in the market for a big ‘ol TV. As you already probably know, a 46″ space won’t necessarily fit a 46″ TV (the size is measured diagonally).

From flat screens to iPods to cell phones, it’s not often you come across images that are ‘actual size.’ New Web site Pective is hoping to change that. Read more