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Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter Valuation | Square Resignation


BlackRock Offers to Buy Twitter Stock (The Wall Street Journal)
Investment-management giant BlackRock has offered to buy around $80 million of Twitter stock in a transaction that would value the short-messaging service at more than $9 billion, according to people familiar with the deal. Some of the people said BlackRock’s offer is to purchase Twitter stock from some of the company’s early employees, and perhaps from others.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Foursquare Privacy | ‘Tumblr’ Tops ‘Blog’


Will Foursquare Dodge User Backlash as it Changes Privacy Policies? (SocialTimes)
Foursquare announced plans over the holiday weekend to change its privacy policies effective at the end of the month, which, while unlikely to cause the kind of brouhaha that Instagram’s proposed changes did, may not take effect without controversy. “As our product evolves, one of the things we do is update our policies to match it. And a big aspect of that is privacy (something we think about a lot),” the company said in an email to users.

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Apple to Unveil iOS 6 | Report: Seniors Use Social, Too | LinkedIn Updates Members on Password Debacle

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Apple DevelopersGoogle Outsells, but Apple Cultivates Loyalty of App Developers (The New York Times)
Apple will seek to strengthen its ties to mobile developers with a series of product announcements today, the opening day of its developer conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Calif., an annual ritual where the company tries to stimulate the creative juices of this important constituency. The company is expected to introduce a new version of the iOS operating system that powers iPhones and iPads, according to people familiar with Apple’s plans who were not authorized to speak about them publicly. NBC Los Angeles There have also been reports that a seven-inch iPad tablet will make an appearance at the conference. There has even been some rumbling that Sir Jony Ive will pull the curtain back on his secretive lab and unveil a 46-inch Apple-powered television screen. Those things could happen, but they most likely won’t. ars technica The Macbook Pro is also due for a body and spec update, and there’s a maelstrom of rumors insisting that it will morph into a more svelte form factor. USB 3.0 is a likely addition alongside Thunderbolt. The 15-inch model specifically is rumored to be getting a pixel-doubled 2800 x 1800 display. CNET The Apple TV App Store is on its way, opening up the floodgates for developers to create killer apps for people’s living rooms. The new TV app store will be part of iOS 6, I’m told, which already powers the operating systems of the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch. With a TV app store, the technology titan is laying the groundwork for the fabled Apple television set. Computerworld Fueled by the increasing popularity of the iPhone, the iPad and Apple’s laptop line-up, WWDC has become a hot ticket. Every year, the limited-capacity event fills even faster. Two years ago, it sold out in eight days. Last year, it sold out within 12 hours and scalpers pushed ticket prices to $4,600. This year, WWDC tickets were gone in two hours. Read more