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LA Has Ambitious Goal to Bring Free Internet to its 3.5 Million Residents and Businesses

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LAThe city of Los Angeles is about to get a boost in free internet if city officials get their way – free internet with the construction of the largest broadband project to date. If completed the new fiber will be delivering internet to the municipality’s 3.5 residents and businesses in addition to supplying free data to areas with public Wi-Fi.
While the new internet will be delivering free data, it’s not as lofty as it sounds. For now, the city is hoping that a private company will step in to do the city-wide build-out since no city money is allocated for the project. In exchange, free data will be subsidized by advertising and the city’s wave of easy permitting and approvals. Read more

Japan Proposing ‘Fasting Camps’ for Children Addicted to the Internet

Akifumi Sekine, Japan’s ministry of education, wants kids to get “out of the virtual world” and “have real communication with other children and adults.” He’s proposing a fasting camp that will limit internet access while offering social outdoor activities at Japan’s numerous public facilities. Psychiatrists and clinical psychotherapists will be on hand to assist should difficulties arise with the transition from virtual to real-world life.

The ministry believes these camps could help about 500,000 Japanese children, ages 12-18, who suffer from internet addiction, though admittedly, it’s a hard number to calculate. Symptoms include eating and sleeping disorders, depression, deep vein thrombosis, and poor school performance. Read more