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YouTube App For iPad Finally Arrives

YouTube icon

Back in September an official YouTube app launched on iPhone and iPod touch, but Apple fans everywhere were asking, “Where’s the YouTube iPad app?” After all, the iPad’s larger screen makes it ideal for watching YouTube videos in bed or on the go. Three months later, YouTube has finally launched versions of the app designed for iPad and iPhone 5.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Cyber Monday | Facebook Privacy


Cyber Monday Deals: How to Find the Best Online Sales and Save Some Major Green (The Huffington Post/Reuters)
In a one-day blitz of shopping, consumers are expected to empty their wallets of more than $1 billion on Cyber Monday, the online shopping spree on Nov. 26, according to spending projections from research firm comScore. Cyber Monday 2012 may offer the best deals on technology products this year, said Brian Hoyt, senior writer for RetailMeNot.com, a coupon code site.

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Convert Your Handwriting & Facebook Ballots: Top Stories of the Week

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are the most popular AppNewser headlines of the week, including how to tether your smartphone, Facebook ballots and how to convert your handwriting into digital text (video review embedded above).

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How Not to Care for an iPad: Video

I’m sure many of my readers are entertained when tech blogs or Blendtec destroy a new gadget, but the following video will be far less amusing. It reportedly shows a group of Walmart employees abusing iPads.

I’m not entirely sure this video is real, but according to the Redditor who posted this video the employees have already been identified and fired.

And as infuriating as this video is, I’m still not convinced it is real. Several other commenters have responded to the original post on Reddit and they point out that $500 iPads aren’t simply tossed in with other new stock. They’re handled by managers, transported in locked cages, or in some other way protected from being stolen. So it does not seem likely that the boxes being thrown around actually contained iPads.


New iPhone App Turns Any Desk Into a Virtual Keyboard

When most people saw the concept video from Aatma Studios which showed an iPhone with a holographic keyboard, they sighed with longing. Florian Kräutli, on the other hand, was inspired to come up with his own virtual keyboard app for the iPhone. His app, which he named Vibrative, runs on jailbroken iPhones and is really more of a work in progress than an app which could could be sold in iTunes.

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Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in 3 Days

Apple released their two latest tablets last Friday and it looks like the sales over the launch weekend didn’t live up to Apple’s past record. They’ve just announced that they sold three million iPad 4s and iPad Minis in the past three days.

While you might be impressed by the word million, it’s really not all that amazing. In comparison, Apple sold 5 million iPhones 5 in the first weekend. Back in March, Apple sold three million iPads 3 in the first three days after it was launched.

To put it in perspective, this past weekend Apple needed two tablets to match the sales quantity they achieved with  a single tablet back in March sold as many iPads Mini and iPads4 as they sold iPad 3 (Wifi and LTE models combined) in March. These sales figures might still be higher than most any Android tablet but they only equal do not match Apple’s past successes; they do not exceed it.

It would seem to me that the bloom has gone off the rose, or perhaps the apple has developed a blemish.

Social Media Newsfeed: Microsoft Event | Facebook Ads | LinkedIn Video Ads

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Microsoft SurfaceInside the Microsoft Windows 8 Launch [VIDEO] (Mashable)
After many months of development, previews and demonstrations, Microsoft finally pushed Windows 8 and Windows RT out the door and into the marketplace as part of a lengthy, bifurcated and relatively calm event in New York City. Company CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows lead Steven Sinofsky both took the stage to detail all that you already know about Microsoft’s radically re-imagined, touch-friendly operating system and to highlight Microsoft Surface RT and other devices and computers running Windows 8. Reuters Panos Panay, head of the Surface project, demonstrated the tablet’s features, beaming video and music to other screens, showing off the ultra-thin cover that doubles as a keyboard, and hooking up a camera to the device’s USB port. He even dropped the device on the floor to demonstrate its durability. The New York Times The company was to start selling Surface at midnight on Friday at about 60 Microsoft-operated stores in North America, a move that has annoyed retailers who will be deprived of a high-profile electronics device backed by a big marketing campaign. Prices start at $500. The Wall Street Journal/Digits There is little agreement in the publishing world on how to greet Microsoft’s arrival into the increasingly crowded field of tablets. Just two of the magazine publishers, Conde Nast and Bonnier, made apps out of their titles available through the Windows Store at launch, though a third, Meredith, launched apps of non-magazine content for the new operating system. CNET Apple CEO Tim Cook let loose on 7-inch tablets during a conference call with investors, insisting that the company would never build one. “We would not make a 7-inch tablet. We don’t think they’re good products,” he said. Read more

Apple Releases First iPad Mini Commercial

The launch of the iPad Mini yesterday marked the beginning of both speculation about Apple next product (I’m thinking the iPad Maxi with a 13″ screen) as well as new commercials. Apple commercials are usually clever and/or funny, and the first one iPad Mini is no exception.

I’m sure you recognize the song played in the commercial. It’s called “Heart and Soul”, and I’m sure you’ve seen it played before by 2 people. That makes it the perfect song to introduce the second, smaller iPad Mini, don’t you think?

Social Media Newsfeed: Zuck Speaks | iPad Mini | Instagram-Twitter Integration

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Zuckerberg Admits: If I Wasn’t the CEO of Facebook, I’d Be at Microsoft (VentureBeat)
Entrepreneurs flocked to Stanford University to hear Mark Zuckerberg, the T-shirt wearing chief executive of Facebook, open up about the company’s early days at Startup School, an annual conference, by the outspoken founder of Y Combinator, Paul Graham. “I probably would have taken an engineering job … [and] always had a lot of respect for Microsoft,” he said. “A lot of people from Harvard went to work there.” CNET Graham, who runs the most influential start-up incubator anywhere, didn’t ask about the stock price or about the impact that Facebook’s messy IPO has had on start-up funding in general. He didn’t ask about the ad business, and he didn’t even once mention the word “mobile.” TechCrunch Zuckerberg reiterated again and again the fact that in the beginning, he didn’t intend for Facebook to be the massive business it is today. Initially it was not a company at all, he said — it was “a project.” Gizmodo Zuckerberg said he predicts the rate of sharing will double every decade. That’s an awful big increase, don’t you think? Is there even 1,000 times as much stuff to share? AllThingsD Much of the other advice Zuckerberg offered to the young crowd were the usual platitudes — listen to your users, stay simple, be reliable. But his most important point was clear: punch above your weight class. If your product is better than anything out there, the users will let you know it. Read more