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Social Media Newsfeed: Watching YouTube Videos Offline | Iran Blocks Facebook, Twitter Again


YouTube Apps to Allow ‘Short Period’ Video Downloads for Offline Viewing (The Guardian)
YouTube is preparing to introduce a new feature in its mobile apps that will enable videos to be downloaded onto devices for offline viewing. Due to launch in November, the feature was announced on the YouTube Creators blog for channel-owners, and pitched as a way for them to attract even more viewers.

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Social Media Newsfeed: News Orgs to Use Facebook Public Posts | Google+ Embedded Posts


Facebook Releases Two APIs That Allow News Organizations to Tap into its Real-Time Public Posts (AllFacebook)
Twitter has company in the real-time news-related social media arena. Facebook Monday announced the rollout of two application-programming interfaces aimed at allowing news organizations to tap into its public posts in real-time: the public feed API, which displays a real-time feed of public posts for a specific word; and the keyword insights API, which tallies the total number of posts that mention a specific term during a specific time period, as well as enabling news organization to feature anonymous, aggregated results based on gender, age and location. The two new APIs are initially available only to a select group of media partners: BuzzFeed, CNN, NBC’s “Today,” British Sky Broadcasting, Slate and Mass Relevance.

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Iran Launches YouTube Clone, Sans Anti-Islamic Videos


After years of the country blocking its population from sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, yesterday Iran launched its own video-sharing website as an alternative to YouTube. The site, called Mehr (the Farsi word for “affection”), seeks to do away with anti-Islamic and anti-government content found on YouTube and to promote Islamic and Iranian culture and values.

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Iran Plans Closed Intranet to Stifle Social Networking and Email

iran woman

Iran announced Thursday that they will be setting up a national Intranet and blocking sites like Google Plus, Yahoo, Google and Hotmail to establish a “clean internet”.  Whether the goal is cleanliness or suppression is debatable, but this does mean that many of these American services will be replaces with government services like Iran Mail and Iran Search Engine.

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Iranian Activist Posts Accusatory YouTube Video from Jail


Recently, a jailed political activist based out of Iran recorded a 15 minute video and posted it on YouTube.  This is despite the government’s attempt to silence his efforts.  The man, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, is the head of the Democratic Front of Iran, and uses the video to criticize the Iranian government who are putting undue pressure on political activists in the country.

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