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Jason Calacanis

‘Inside’ App Cuts News Down to 300-Character Bites

Inside.comBrevity, speed and top-quality curation are what the founders of Inside.com hope will be the winning selling points of the latest news aggregation app. The app’s curators will deliver 1,000 stories a day, chopped neatly into 300-character news bites.

The stories are really quick summaries of another outlet’s reporting. Users can click through to the full story, or simply scroll through the hundreds of summaries, scanning the top headlines. The summaries often use abbreviations and other grammatical shortcuts to keep within the 300-character parameters, making for maybe not the prettiest prose but it gets the job done.

The breaking news app, which launched this week, was founded by Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis who snagged Gabriel Snyder (formerly of The Wire, Gawker and Newsweek) as content chief. They described the new app as “sort of like Pandora for news,” in a blog post announcing its launch where they promised to do the “best curation in the world.”

We take our responsibility for selecting stories and sources extremely seriously, and we hope you challenge us and let us know how we are doing often.

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Jason Calacanis on How to Own Your Audience and Stop Relying on YouTube


Jason Calacanis’ Vidcon Keynote, “How to own your audience – a discussion with Jason Calacanis,” promised to be a discussion of “how to build deep, direct relationships with your audience to build sustainable businesses that don’t rely on partners like Facebook or YouTube.” It lived up to this promise, but was also a call to action for YouTube creators to stop being afraid of big, bad YouTube and begin asking YouTube for a new, better deal.

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Accusations Mount Against Tech Power Broker Michael Arrington

michael arrington, arrington, techcrunch, crunchbase, crunch fund,

It began with a Facebook status update from an ex-girlfriend, alleging that he had beaten her. Gossip blog Gawker picked up the post, confirming that the woman was indeed Jenn Allen, an ex of investor and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. Then Allen charged that Arrington had raped a friend of hers in the comments section of the Gawker post. Today, another respected figure in tech, Jason Calacanis, who has worked with Arrington, wrote a long Facebook status update of his own, giving credence to Allen’s allegations.

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SXSW Reveals Interactive Panels

SXSW has revealed a partial list of its panel lineup for the interactive component of its upcoming show in March and there are a couple of digital publishing related sessions. We have listed a couple below, but follow this link to read the entire program.

1. “What Comic Books Can Teach Mobile Application Designers” organized by Anjuan Simmons, Adverlyze
Description: “The comic book medium offers many design standards that mobile application developers can use to improve the effectiveness of their graphical user interface designs. Comic books have evolved through the years to maximize their ability to tell a story while confined to two dimensional static images. Comic book legend Will Eisner published “Comics and Sequential Art” in 1985 in order to document his mastery of using graphics to tell a story. This presentation will explore the design principles Eisner shared in his landmark book and specifically apply them to mobile application design.”

2. “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted. Not!” organized by Richard Nash, Cursor
Description: “For the future of both, it is imperative that technology and culture learn from one another. Doing more with less is a philosophy that has animated both, especially in recent times with the notion of the minimum viable product, and the injunction against feature creep. But art and culture have always understood the concept of “less is more” even if it took till the 20th century of that to be coined so neatly. For art to be possible, rules are necessary. In the Assassin’s Code, the death of God makes everything possible. Many believe that the network makes everything possible. But if everything is possible, how does anything matter? In art, what is left out is as important as what is included. Can the rules of making art help us make more useful technology? Can such concepts as the minimum viable product help us do a better job of writing, editing, designing, and disseminating novels, films, music. This high interdisciplinary panel will help illuminate how the eternal verities of art and science, when properly framed, can help us be better movers of the hearts and minds of men and women…”
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Jason Calacanis to 'Launch' Challenge to Michael Arrington

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and the relationship between Web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has been downright frosty of late, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise that Calacanis is mounting a direct challenge to Arrington.

Calacanis said he will launch a startup editorial project and event called Launch, taking direct aim at TechCrunch, paidContent reported, keeping its focus on writing and editorial. In fact, Launch will debut as an email publication, Calacanis told paidContent, adding:

When I started with Peter Rojas, blogging was a new format that was faster but still had quality and insight. Now it’s even faster but it has lost that quality and insight. You have a bunch of people writing short stuff with no research and knowledge base. They have no credibility.

If you get people to commit to an email relationship, it’s the deepest, most intimate relationship you can have online — much deeper than Facebook and certainly more intimate than a blog.

I want high-quality insider information, a celebration of entrepreneurship and taking risk. I want it serious and insightful rather than salacious and link-baity.

Until then I’m listening to the audience and testing what they like. But I’m going for something that doesn’t exist in the market — not a blogger writing the story in two hours. The world really wants deeper stuff right now.

Jason Calacanis Tears Into TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington in Several Tweets

There has yet to be any kind of official announcement on the rumored acquisition of TechCrunch by AOL, but Web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis certainly made his feelings known about the potential deal, ripping into TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington in a series of Tweets Monday night, Silicon Alley Insider reported.

Calacanis and Arrington had a falling out over the dissolving of the TechCrunch 50 conference, and Calacanis didn’t pull any punches. Some of his Tweets, via Silicon Alley Insider:

@Justyn asks if @Arrington & I are still friends. The question is moot, a sociopath like Mike isn’t capable of friendship-except w/ dogs.

How do I really feel about @arringon @thelocalgentry? He stole from my family, treated me like garbage & laughed in my face as he screwed me.

@thelocalgentry you’ve a had a partner you considered a good friend F@#$%k you over, laugh in your face & take food out of your kid’s mouth?

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