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Jeanniey Mullen

Zinio CMO Jeanniey Mullen Leaves to Start Her Own Agency

Jeanniey Mullen, the chief marketing officer of digital magazine platform Zinio, is striking out on her own and launching a new agency called YellowBean LLC. She shared the news with her LinkedIn network yesterday afternoon explaining the name of her company comes from a combination of a pair of boots, her nickname and her focus on growth, “The yellow bean is one of the fastest growing plants,” she wrote.

“YB will be working with companies from start up to Fortune 50, who need help building their brand awareness, presence. and driving large scale growth through innovation, partnerships, and other tricks in our toolkit,” Mullen continued. “We will also have a special research and public speaking team to help inspire and innovate others.”

We spoke to Mullen about her favorite app for our What’s Your Favorite App? column this past spring.

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What’s Your Favorite App, Jeanniey Mullen?

AppNewser asked, What’s Favorite App, Jeanniey Mullen?
The CMO/EVP of digital newsstand Zinio, who says she “likes apps with attitude,” picked the to-do list app Astrid, “because she is a to-do list with an attitude.” Mullen uses the app to organize different types of tasks and lists such as home, work, and friends. “These tasks are added into my calendar and they dynamically update themselves as new things happen,” says Mullen.
Mullen says that Astrid keeps her on her toes and has her own personality. “When things are due she reminds me by saying, ‘It’s nice that people call you, but you if you don’t call XX back today you might not have them as a friend anymore’ or ‘Ready to knock this one off the list? Even I’m getting tired of seeing it,’” says Mullen.

Tips On Digital Magazine Publishing Gleaned From Zinio, Bottle Rocket and MAZ

On a panel at Mediabistro’s App Summit today, digital magazine publishing experts shared examples of their work and gave advice on how magazine publishers can make more engaging apps. We’ve gleaned a few tips from the presentation.

1. Does it pass the soap opera test? Good apps have addictive content. When Bottle Rocket Apps created an app on the Civil War, instead of creating an encyclopedia of information on the subject, they focused on serialized storytelling. The idea was to encourage readers to come back and revisit the app regularly.

2. Don’t forget about PCs. Jeanniey Mullen, CMO at Zinio, pointed out that while everyone likes to talk about iPads, 40 percent of people still access digital content on a PC. She recommends thinking about how apps will look on any device that your customer may be using, be it a PC, an Android device or an iOS device. Read more

ScrollMotion, Nook & Zinio Executives at Publishing App Expo

Nook apps program director Claudia Romanini,  Zinio global executive VP Jeanniey Mullen, ScrollMotion co-founder Josh Koppel have all joined the lineup for mediabistro.com’s Publishing App Expo on December 7th and 8th.

Scheduled for December 7th and 8th, the conference will feature four separate tracks so attendees can customize the most useful experience. The tracks include: an App Building track (a practical, hands-on tutorial about DIY apps), an App Strategy track (find designers, manage updates, analyze demographics, negotiate subscription and payment systems), a Magazine & News Apps track, and most importantly, a Book Apps track (pricing, social media, discoverability, monetization, and app alternatives).

Follow this link for package and pricing details–you can buy tickets for a single track, one day, or for the whole conference. Novelist John Green will open the conference with a presentation entitled “How Nerdfighters Can Save Publishing.”

VIVmag Looks to Team Up with Lifestyle Bloggers

All-digital women’s lifestyle magazine VIVmag is seeking “mutually beneficial growth opportunities” with lifestyle bloggers, announcing the launch of its VIVmaven Network affiliate network, which is aimed at generating exposure and page views for both the bloggers and VIVmag.

VIVmaven Network affiliates who have already signed up include Barbara Crooks (The B.C. Chronicles), K. Tyson Perez (UNVOGUE), and Karen Regn (FitWanderer), and the digital magazine’s goal is to attract 100 bloggers by year-end.

Participating bloggers will receive; prelaunch access to VIVmag issues; listings and promotional opportunities on the VIVmag site; help with customizable offers and promotions; and shares of revenue from VIVmag memberships purchased via their sites.

Read more

Zinio Releases VIVmag for iPad

All-digital luxury title VIVmag released its free app for the iPad, powered by Zinio‘s UNITY platform and containing features such as in-line videos, mix-and-match elements, quizzes, and one-click shopping via interactive ads.

VIVmag is also available via PCs and for the iPhone. Users who download the VIVmag app for iPad will receive a 20 percent discount off the regular VIVmag annual membership access fee of $30, which includes six full issues, full access to the last issue, and free access to highlights from the past three issues.

Editor-in-chief Anne M. Russell said:

VIVmag has been defining the new standard for women’s magazines for the past five years. The VIVmag woman doesn’t just read content she enjoys — she lives the content that helps define who she is as a woman. Forging onto the iPad with a stand-alone app enables those VIVmag fans who rely on us to help create a balanced lifestyle to enjoy access anywhere they go, at any time, on their iPads.

Zinio and VIVmag global executive vice president and chief marketing officer Jeanniey Mullen added:

Since the launch of the iPad, consumers have fallen into one of two camps: Content fans tend to prefer to buy and read all of their magazines through the aggregated Zinio app for iPad. It’s simple to access and fun to use. Meanwhile, brand fans typically opt to also download a branded app to have a one-on-one relationship with a specific publication. At Zinio, we believe readers should have the freedom to choose, without any penalties for cross-platform purchasing.

Can Apps Save Content Publishers?


Can apps save content publishers? That was a question posed today at the DigiDay: Apps conference in New York. Panelists from the magazine and mobile industry discussed the growth of mobile devices and tablet devices for reading and asked how this new adoption can help save magazines. EBook publishers could learn from the panel, as the panelists discussed how to bundle, market and increase readership on digital devices.

Jeanniey Mullen
, Global EVP & CMO, Zinio and VIVmag, said the growth of the tablets and mobile adoption is great for digital reading. She pointed out the fact that since consumers have their devices with them at all times, they are picking them up to read more often. She encouraged publishers to create content that is specific to the tablet to make them more engaged.

Harry Kargman, CEO of Kargo, a mobile tech company, said that publishers should create content with the device in mind. “You can’t just republish a PDF version of your print edition,” he said. “You have to create content for digital.”

Mike McGraw
, Managing Partner & COO of Big Fuel, a digital ad agency, talked about the benefits of bundling and said that publishers could learn from TV and Internet companies about bundling packages. He suggested that publishers bundle digital content to give consumers a valuable offer.