What Disqus Can Tell About You by Looking at Your Comments [Infographic]


If the name Disqus doesn’t sound familiar, scroll down — Disqus is the commenting platform that powers millions of websites and blogs, including this one. A closer look at its most active communities could tell you a few things that you already know about how conversations work: that brevity really is the soul of wit and that a dialogue is more engaging than a soliloquy. But, as this series of infographics will illustrate, each community plays by its own rules.

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Creepy OkCupid Quotes Make Awesome Valentine Cards

Creepy Cupid 1

Remember back in the day when you used to buy boxes of TNMT, Loony Tunes and Michael Jordon Valentine Cards to give to all the kids in your class? Well, creative agency JESS3 has created a series of cards that are a throwback to the old days…but with a creepy twist. Their V-Day cards are based on skeevy and downright frightening quotes from real OkCupid messages and are just perfect for sending to that lucky lady or gentleman you happen to be stalking at the moment.

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The 2011 Geosocial Universe [Infographic]


Remember when Pluto was still a planet? How about when MySpace dominated the social space? Like the universe, the geosocial landscape is constantly changing—as new stars are born, black holes are developing.

So the JESS3 team thought it was about time we updated The Geosocial Universe infographic that stormed the interwebs last August.

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The State of Cloud Computing [VIDEO]

state of cloud computing jess3

Not quite sure what “cloud computing” is? Well, watch this video and you’ll not only learn what cloud computing is all about, but it will also open your eyes to how you are part of the cloud with almost everything you do on the net. This colorful, quirky and informative video is created by Jess3, a leading data visualization firm, and sponsored by cloud computing giant

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SXSW 2010: The Location Services Showdown

The SXSW Location Showdown Icon

Days into SXSW it’s clear that location based services are fighting to take the lead spot as the thousands of Interactive festival attendees are all using the location products. Foursquare and Gowalla are competing for the top spot, but by now it’s clear that Foursquare has become the defacto service despite Gowalla’s strikingly good looks. Whrrl, a service that you probably can’t remember how to spell the first time around, has street teams trying to get users to install their app.
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C-SPAN Gets Social for the Dem Convention

Have you been paying attention to the Democratic National Convention? It’s pretty much the only thing in the news for the entire week so if you haven’t heard about it you have probably been living under a rock (or some similar form of shelter). There are a bunch of sites covering the events but when it comes to the mainstream press there aren’t many doing a great job as it applies to social media.

If you haven’t read about it elsewhere, C-SPAN in partnership with JESS3 (who is also drives the images of the Social Times) and New Media Strategies released a site which has full coverage of the convention from C-SPAN as well all other sources around the web. It is not a single sourced coverage but is instead an aggregation of everything which is going on around the country.

The site is significant because it places blogs on the same platform as traditional media. For the boring old C-SPAN, this site appears to be a complete shift from the company’s more traditional past. Included in the site are live streams from QIK and best of all an aggregator of all the Twitter activity surrounding the DNC as well as the RNC. The difference between this and Politweets, another political Twitter aggregator, is that this site has a basic level of statistics about the tweets taking place.

Take a look at the DNC08 Twitter Page to see more DNC coverage. As the coverage concludes later this week, look to the site to give full coverage of the RNC convention. It’s a competition between the parties for building the most buzz and we are only half way through the process. This week the Democrats have taken the stage, continue to watch the coverage through next week on the RNC Convention Hub.

CSpan Screenshot