Kevin Allocca

Over 4,000 ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos Are Uploaded to YouTube Every Day

Harlem Shake Maker

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ve probably seen the term “Harlem Shake” floating around on Facebook and Twitter and you’ve most certainly been privy to the barrage of bizarre Harlem Shake videos on YouTube. The Harlem Shake is the biggest thing since Gangnam Style and, to give you a sense of just how massive this new meme is, YouTube Trends has released a chart that reveals just how viral it has become.

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YouTube Launches YouTube Trends

YouTube has launched a cool new product to highlight the hottest videos of the moment. Called YouTube trends, it will automatically pull trending videos and topics in a central location, along with a twice-daily editors-selection of videos pulled from the trending clips and from other video curator sites.

There will also be a blog that will examine “in-depth and contextual explorations of videos, trends, and cultural phenomenon as seen through the lens of YouTube, using YouTube’s own internal data.”

Or as YouTube Trends manager Kevin Allocca writes:

The idea for YouTube Trends started with our desire to find new ways of identifying the viral and newsworthy content people love to share and packaging it in an easy to digest format. With over 35 hours of video now uploaded to YouTube every minute, we wanted one place to distill the videos people were sharing and discussing with their friends as well as understand what YouTube could teach us about our culture and current events.

Twitter got the “trending” ball rolling with its “trending topics” feature, and YouTube is very similar in many ways. Both have a plethora of content uploaded every minute, with most of it being of use to only a small audience. By highlighting what is trending, it makes it easier to find content that is interesting.

Check out a video explaining Trends below.

And after the jump, a video walk-through.
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