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Kevin Rose

Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Gay Marriage Support | Groupon Earnings


Facebook Backs Same-Sex Marriage in Supreme Court Filings (AllFacebook)
Facebook joined the growing list of companies expressing their support for same-sex marriage, announcing in a post on its LGBTQ@Facebook page that it will submit briefs on the topic to the U.S. Supreme Court. The social network said it would post links to its filings on the LGBTQ@Facebook page when they become available.

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Social Media Newsfeed: New Nooks | Facebook Purge | Twitter Feed Insert

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Nook Goes HD to Face Off With Kindle (CNET)
Barnes & Noble added two Nooks to the tablet family that have better screens and faster processors. There’s the 7-inch Nook HD (starting at $200 with 8 GB) and 9-inch Nook HD+ (starting at $270 with 16 GB). San Francisco Chronicle The largest U.S. bookstore chain’s new devices will take on Amazon.com’s updated Kindle Fire announced Sept. 6. The online retailer, which also pitched its new devices as a cheaper competitor to the iPad, starts its 7-inch tablet at $199 and an 8.9-inch at $299. Bloomberg Businessweek In the United States, the tablets can be pre-ordered, starting Wednesday, and will ship in late October. They will become available in the United Kingdom in late November. Boston Herald Consumers will soon have another mobile video streaming service to consider, with Barnes & Noble announcing a new product that analysts say could create problems for Netflix. Though the company declined to offer pricing details for Nook Video, which won’t be a subscription service like Netflix, Barnes & Noble spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating indicated they will rival other offerings. Reuters In many ways, Barnes & Noble, which operates nearly 700 stores, has defied expectations. It beat Amazon to the marketplace with touchscreen devices and a color reader in recent years, and won plaudits from reviewers this year for its glow-in-the-dark Nook that allows someone to read with the lights off so as not to disturb others. Read more

Digg CEO Matt Williams: Kevin Rose’s Role Not Changing

Digg finally officially addressed the rumors and speculation about the departure of founder and Diggnation host Kevin Rose (pictured) that surfaced late last week in a blog post by CEO Matt Williams, in which he emphasized that Rose’s role had not changed since he stepped back from day-to-day decisions last September. Highlights:

We’ve been hearing a lot about how Kevin Rose is launching something new. Everyone knows Kevin is an entrepreneur at heart, and he’s had many projects in the works over the past several years. We’re excited to see what he comes up with next. Kevin continues to be committed to Digg’s success; his role as founder, board member, and Diggnation host remains unchanged. When I took over as CEO last September, Kevin stepped back from the day-to-day decisions. I’m proud of the great team we’ve got at Digg, and they’re the ones to credit for the changes you’ve seen and the new direction we’re pursuing.

When I joined Digg, we had just released a product that was not ready for primetime. It really upset our users. Over the first few months, we dropped in the number of daily visitors and page views. But through this crisis, the lines of communication between Digg and our users opened to unprecedented levels. We received tens of thousands of comments and suggestions from the Digg community about how to restore the site they loved.

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iPad 2 Rumor: It Will Be Announced In February

The iPad 2 might be announced as early as this month. The latest rumor comes from Computer World, and backs up Digg founder Kevin Rose’s statement last month that the iPad 2 would be announced within weeks.

Jeremy Horwitz, Editor-in-Chief of iLounge, blogged about how the new iPad would be constructed. He writes: “According to our source, Apple is actively developing new accessories that will communicate with the near-field radio chips reportedly built into new iPads and iPhones. In the most basic implementation, an accessory could announce its presence and potential functions to an iPad or iPhone without the need for a Bluetooth or similar connection; our source suggests that an otherwise simple case could include a radio chip so that an inserted iPhone or iPad could go into power-saving hibernation mode automatically. More complex accessories will go far beyond that.”

The new iPad is said to be lighter, have a higher resolution screen that is anti-reflective, and it is expected to come with two cameras. It may or may not have a home button.

iPad 2 May Be Announced In “3-4 Weeks”

Did CES get you excited about tablets? There is more exciting tablet news coming soon, apparently.

Digg founder Kevin Rose says that the iPad 2 will be announced soon. On his blog today, he wrote: “I have it on good authority that Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next ‘3-4 weeks’, possibly Tuesday February 1st.”

Rose also said that the iPad 2 will feature front and back cameras (which would be great for Skyping), and that the new display would be higher resolution than the current generation iPad.

Rose uses his iPad to read eBooks. Last summer, he posted a video about social features he would like to see introduced into eReading. Since then, Amazon introduced Kindle Lending, fulfilling at least one of his wishes.

Digg CEO Matt Williams: We'll Unbury the Bury Button

Matt Williams, who left Amazon.com to claim the CEO chair at Digg at the end of August, introduced himself in a post on the Digg Blog, in which he revealed that the bury button will soon be unburied.

Williams succeeded former Digg CEO Jay Adelson, and Kevin Rose assumed the title of chief architect.

From Williams’ post:

It’s certainly been an eventful first month on the job. As many of you know, the launch of Digg v4 didn’t go smoothly, and we’re deeply sorry that we disappointed our Digg community in the process. Thank you for your patience and your extremely candid feedback — we hear you loud and clear.

Recently, we’ve been reinstating a number of the features that many of you loved about Digg. In the past two weeks, we’ve brought back the “Upcoming” section, started restoring user profiles from the previous version of Digg, and made small but important tweaks to the site, including better pagination. In the next few weeks, we’ll bring back the bury button, restore all user profiles (including comment and submission history), add filters and navigation for videos and images, provide a tool for users to report comment violations, and update the Top News algorithm and overall site design based upon your feedback. The result will hopefully be a much better Web site experience.

I’d also like to share some insight beyond what you may have seen or heard in the press. Despite the changes to our platform at the end of August, there were still 23 million unique visitors worldwide using Digg last month. Digg today is a much faster Web site, operating on an open-source platform. And with the launch of My News, you now have more personalized control on Digg by filtering news with the help of friends and others you choose to follow.

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Amazon Updates Kindle App For iPhone/iPad

Last week, Amazon updated the Kindle App for the iPhone and iPad to version 2.2. If you haven’t already updated, it is worth doing so.

The update includes a free dictionary with 250,000 entries that you can use within a book by tapping on a word in the story. It also includes an improved “search inside the book” tool.

There is also a function to search words from the book on Google or in Wikipedia. Digg founder Kevin Rose should be happy about this update. He made a video earlier this summer, saying that he’d like to be able to search words from a book in Wikipedia and Google.

Diggnation Celebrates 200th Episode

Rev3_4.29.gifAs Pres. Obama marks his 100th day in office, Diggnation is celebrating its 200th episode on the Web. The Revision3 program, hosted by Digg founder Kevin Rose along with Alex Albrecht is going on four years.

“Diggnation practically invented Internet television,” said Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3. Rose and Albrecht “were the first true Internet video stars, and along with their dedicated production team, they continue to create an award winning program each week.”

Episode 200, available here, features Rose and Albrecht running through the top stories on digg.com that have been creating global tech buzz.