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What Were The Most Popular StumbleUpon Photos and Videos of 2011?


If I was pressed to answer, I’d probably say StumbleUpon was the first social aggregator site I ever used regularly.  Even before Digg, I had a little StumbleUpon toolbar which had just one big button which read “Stumble!”.  Each time I’d hit it, I was provided with a new interesting page from the web that other Stumblers had picked as a favorite.  It was also one of the first places that my first blog posts went viral.  I wrote a little tirade about how Microsoft Live Messenger had jumped the shark, and Stumblers went crazy for it.

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The iPhone App That Finally Got Me To Ditch My Pen & Paper To-Do Lists (At Least For This Week)

Things To Do List

I have a confession to make. I’m a To-Do List junkie. Every morning the first thing I do when I wake up—before I make my coffee, brush my teeth or take my dog out for a walk—is grab a ratty notebook and pen that go everywhere with me and write down everything I need to do for, well, the rest of my life. That is, this was what I did every day before this week.

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10 Crazy Things People Say Right Before They Realize They’re Completely Addicted to Facebook


If you’ve ever said “I’m not addicted to Facebook!” or “Yes! 2000 friends!” then you probably should read this article and figure out whether you’re addicted or not to the king of social networking, Facebook. Our international team of stalkers, I mean experts, has searched the world to determine the 10 crazy things people say right before they realize they’re completely addicted to Facebook.

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The 10 Athletes You Need To Follow On Twitter


Athletes in all sports from around the world have flocked to Twitter over the years to connect with fans, speak their minds, and eliminate any media that may alter their words. From the many it can be hard to decide who to follow without overpopulating your Twitter feed. The athletes to read in the world of sports must possess one of three things: humour, insight, or impulsiveness. The following ten tweeters have the ability to inform, interact, and occasionally scandalize the Twittersphere.

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Social Times’ Top Stories Of The Week – March 11, 2011


For some of us, Charlie Sheen has been the hot search in our Google searches. On the other side of the issue, there are those of us who can’t stand the man. Take a look at Megan O’Neill’s To Sheen or Not to Sheen: Are You Still On the High Buzz to see where you stand. If Charlie Sheen does not interest you, maybe Twitter predicting the stock market will. Bilal Hammed takes a look into this in his article Can Twitter Predict The Stock Market? 28 Year-Old Bets 25 Million Pounds It Can.

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Social Times’ Top Stories Of The Week – March 04, 2011


As I look outside my window, I still see snow on the ground — another reminder that spring is still far off in the distance. However, the good news is that it is Friday, which means the beginning of the weekend. If you’re wondering why your local Blockbuster is closing up, take a look at Megan O’Neill’s How Netflix Bankrupted & Destroyed Blockbuster article to find out why. Also, with all of the corrupt politicians these days it can be a hassle to follow all of them on Twitter. Don’t worry though, Katy Gathright has 10 Politicians That Every Politico Should Follow.

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