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LuLu App Promotes Anonymous Rating System for Every Man You Know


The makers of Lulu want you to rate every man you know. The app connects you to Facebook so you can rank your husband, brother, and co-workers you are affiliated with.

Lulu claims that the majority of the tips are positive, but it’s unclear how giving numerical ranking to men will actually help foster relationships. In an environment of paid Yelp reviews, most users ought to be skeptical of any anonymous system that ranks half the people on the planet without due process. If you are a male individual you can only view your ranking, and if you don’t like it, too bad.

Lulu is like Sex in the City via a marriage of Yelp and Facebook. The app’s hashtag system fosters an environment of gossip and superficial evaluation. For example, the app’s promotional screenshots had labeled an individual as having #BigFeet, #GoneByMorning, and #MomOnSpeedDial. These non-contextual words are neither positive nor necessary for a girl to evaluate a man’s gentlemanly ranking.  In fact, the catty language promoted in the app’s imagery does not foster an image of great men but gossipy women.

Lulu sets a terrible precedent by allowing women to create a closed network where slander and gossip is acceptable. The women-only app does not empower women because it lacks gender equality. If women can say anything about any man, should it not stand that men can say anything about any woman?

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