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Michelle Obama Joins Pinterest


Michelle Obama joined Pinterest on Wednesday and used the burgeoning social network to post photos of her life with the President and the First Family. While Pinterest has typically been a network for people to share other people’s content, it makes sense for celebrities to use it as a place to post their own images and let those images be shared easily by fans around the world. Her profile has already accrued 15,613 followers as of the time of this writing and that number is quickly growing.

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Class of 2011 Revealed for TheGrio’s 100: History Makers in the Making

TheGrio kicked off Black History Month by revealing the 2011 class of TheGrio’s 100: History Makers in the Making, which profiles African-American history makers and industry leaders selected by the editorial team from the NBC News-owned site, along with experts and NBC News affiliates.

The United States Marine Corps and AT&T sponsored this year’s class, and members will be profiled across NBC News platforms including NBC Nightly News, Today, MSNBC, CNBC, msnbc.com, theGrio.com, and local NBC affiliates including those in Atlanta; Cleveland; San Diego; Washington, D.C.; Memphis, Tenn.; St. Louis; Philadelphia; and Charlotte, N.C.

TheGrio also teamed up with foursquare to create a Black History badge, which users can unlock by following TheGrio on foursquare and checking in at more than 100 locations across the country that are historically relevant to Black History Month.

And more information on TheGrio’s 100 is available on its Facebook page and via Twitter under the #thegrios100 hashtag.

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Slate Editor David Plotz on Motivation, Politics, Ideology, and a 50-Foot-Tall Michelle Obama

Slate editor David Plotz spoke with Betsy Rothstein for a mediabistro.com So What Do You Do Q&A, during which he touched upon how he keeps his writers motivated, where his publication falls ideologically and politically, and why he spent months feeling as if he was being haunted by a 50-foot-high Michelle Obama.

The interview was part of mediabistro.com’s Profit from Your Passion series, with activists representing this week’s focus. Here, Plotz discusses politics and ideology at Slate:

Slate doesn’t have a party line, an ideological platform, or positions on anything. We never feel any obligation to cover an issue a particular way, or to stake out a position, or to serve some higher public good. Our view is the public good is served when we are honest and journalistically ambitious. If that means we are savaging something the right loves, fantastic. There is no intentional political activism at Slate. One thing we’ve done during the past few elections is everyone on staff says how they’ve voted. We publish it. It’s cool. It speaks well for our transparency so people can look and say that our work stands and falls based on its truth and integrity and consistency.

There is no effort to do political activism. We want to be engaged, but if we decide we write about health care, it is not to get it passed, but because Americans need to know about it. As long as the stories are smart and new and fresh, it doesn’t matter where they fall.

TodayShow.com Has a Record January

Today_2.4.jpgTodayShow.com, the Website of NBC’s Today show, had its best month ever in January, with more than 150 million page views. The previous record of 133 million was set last August during Beijing Olympics coverage.

The inauguration helped deliver many of the 154,432,093 page views in January, but a series on the American Kennel Club’s best dog breeds was the #1 story. The pooches were prominently featured on the MSN homepage giving it 29,457,927 page views.

Some of the other top stories include a slideshow on Michelle Obama‘s style (7,574,068), top dog and cat names of 2008 (4,443,719) and an ambush makeover, “From frumpy to foxy” (4,005,730).

After the jump, the email from Today show EP Jim Bell to the staff…

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