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Feds Urge Social Media Wills | Facebook’s Next Stop: Boston | ‘Hangouts on Air’ Rolling Out

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Government Advises Americans to Create ‘Social Media Wills’ (New York Daily News) If you haven’t thought about what will happen to your Facebook account when you die, the government suggests you get started. Creating a “social media will” is now one of the government’s official personal finance recommendations, listed on along with advice on home ownership and money management. Like with a traditional will, you’ll need to appoint someone you trust as an online executor. This person will be responsible for closing your email addresses, social media profiles, and blogs after you are deceased. The Atlantic Sounds good, but legally it’s tricky territory. As Naomi Cahn, a professor of law at George Washington University, explained, “Formal wills become public. So you need to be careful what you put in a will, because anyone in the world could have access to it.” Read more

Facebook Mobile Social Reporting: Tool to Help Get Posts & Photos of You Removed


Facebook introduced two new privacy and security features that can be accessed from its mobile friendly website (

1. Mobile Social Reporting
2. Mobile Password Reset

Mobile Security Updates

The mobile password reset looks straight-forward enough. The person who cannot remember his or her Facebook password provides one of these pieces of information to get a link to recover a password: Email address, phone number, Facebook username, your name or a friend’s name. It is not clear what happens with the latter two options.

The Mobile Social Reporting option deals with requests to remove photos or posts about the person reporting the issue. Facebook does not get directly involved in the dispute. Its tools merely sends the request to the person who posted the offending item. Facebook claims that almost 70% of disputes have been resolved using the tool. Hoewver, it does not say what happens to the 30% of cases that are not resolved after the request is made.

Via All Facebook: Reset Facebook Passwords From Your Mobile Device

Google Maps for Mobile Live Transit Updates Gives Actual Bus Arrival Time


Bus systems are often great mass transit systems. However, anyone who has ever had the experience of standing around waiting for a bus that is behind schedule knows that awful feeling of wondering where it is and what to do next if it does not arrive. Google is trying to remove that anxiety by letting you know when a bus will actually arrive at your stop.

Know when your bus is late with live transit updates in Google Maps

This Live Transit Updates is available in six cities: Four in the U.S. and two in Europe.

- Boston
- Portland, Oregon
- San Diego
- San Francisco

- Madrid
- Turin

Live Transit Updates is available in the Google Maps for Android app (Android 1.6 or newer) as well as Google Maps for supported mobile browsers.

New Facebook Web Site Rolling Out to Optimize Mobile Viewing for Any Phone Browser


If you use the Facebook for iOS (iPhone/iPad) app and then use the Facebook for Android app, you’ll notice a number of differences that adds up to a very different look and feel. For example, Facebook for Android displays recently shared photos in between the main menu of icons at the top and the small notifications bar at the bottom. Facebook for iOS does not show any photos in this view. Similarly, up to now, there were two distinct and separately maintained mobile web friendly pages. One was tweaked for smartphones with touch screens and the other for the simpler but more numerous (for now) feature phones. Facebook merged the two sites into a single site to reduce maintenance issues and provide a more consistent experiences for users regardless of what kind of phone they use. You can see how the current Facebook looks on my Android powered Motorola Droid in the screenshot to the left.
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