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Creative Social BrandingLearn how to create social buzz for your brand! Starting November 24, the VP of content strategy at DBA will teach you how to speak and write to different audiences on social platforms, identify and engage with current trends and influencers, and build an excellent social strategy to amplify your numbers and rate engagement. Register now!

Reddit Digs for ‘Gold’ in Premium Subscriptions


Rising server costs and surging traffic have led the reddit team to resurrect an existing, but long-neglected premium feature of the link-sharing site called reddit gold. “We have a choice to make,” reddit CEO Yishan Wong in a blog post. “We can start running a bunch more ads, or we can give you, the community, more reasons to support the site with your own money through reddit gold.” In other words, reddit is trying to monetize, and it’s trying not to screw it up.

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Vimeo Finally Lets Creators Make Money Off Their Videos With Tip Jar & (Coming Soon) Pay-To-View

Vimeo Tip Jar

Last month we shared a list of reasons why Vimeo is the coolest video site for creatives. However, we pointed out one undeniable fault in the alternative online video sharing site—creators had no options for monetizing their videos. Well that is about to change. Although Vimeo is still going to remain ad-free (so advertising revenue is off the table), today the video site has announced some new features to help creators make money off of their amazing work.

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The 5 W’s of Social Game Purchases [Infographic]

The 5 Ws of Social Game Purchases

The first wave of the social gaming bubble may have popped. I’m not the first one to say it, and I won’t be the last. Zynga is at an all time record low, and traffic is declining. Playdom and Playfish, two giants of yesteryear, have seen their player numbers fade out.

That said, I know a lot of people in the industry, and the smart ones always knew they couldn’t keep every player forever and so began to focus on the more serious players. By offering them bonus packages and improved experiences, they incited those users to buy more.

So what exactly is involved in the art of social game purchases? A new infographic takes a look.

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Socialize West — Learn to Profit Using Social Media with OMGPOP, Atari, IMVU and More

happy crowds

In case you didn’t hear, our mediabistro network recently joined forces with the Inside Network, and since then we’ve all been working hard to create the leading network of social media news on the web.  In addition to that, we’ve been working hard to power up our conferences, and I’m happy to say that the upcoming Socialize West in San Francisco is really going to have a massive number of experts and professionals, delivering the goods on how they make money using social media. It sounds simple, but it’s not.  Optimization, retention and engagement are the keys in this still emerging space, and I strongly recommend you hit up Socialize to meet up with us and find out how to leverage this space to make money.

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