T-Mobile Gets Into Banking with ‘Mobile Money’

Mobile Money by T-Mobile AppT-Mobile is bringing its prepaid, contract-free phone model to banking. It introduced a “Mobile Money” service Wednesday, offering basic banking services via a prepaid Visa card and a new smartphone app with the same name.

Customers can deposit checks via the app, pay bills, transfer money to other card holders and withdraw cash from 42,000 in-network ATMs without facing a fee. Non-T-Mobile subscribers will face small fees, such as a $5 monthly account fee and an initial $4 cost to purchase the card. The mobile phone carrier is touting the service as an alternative to pricey fees from check cashing, payday lenders and “other predatory businesses.” Read more

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9 Tips for Running A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


If you’re thinking about turning to crowdfunding to raise money for your project, you may have questions about where to start and what you can do to ensure that your campaign is a success. Earlier this month, we sat in on a crowdfunding panel at VidCon to glean some advice from experts. Check out their tips after the jump.

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Vimeo PRO Creators Can Now Sell On Demand Content, Retain 90% Of Profits

Vimeo Logo

Last fall, Vimeo began launching features to help creators make more money. It started with the launch of the Tip Jar in September, which allows viewers to send money, or “tip”, creators as a thank you for the entertainment they provide. In November, Vimeo announced a new pay-to-view movie experience, and today they’ve launched Vimeo On Demand—a new platform that lets creators sell their work directly to their audiences.

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Does YouTube Bring In Enough Ad Dollars for Top Channels?


Millions of video views do not necessarily equal millions of dollars on YouTube, the video-sharing site where professional entertainers share the screen with amateur filmmakers. While the ads embedded into the videos undoubtedly bring in revenue for the video creators who have partnered with YouTube, multichannel networks and top performers are now saying that those advertising dollars are not keeping pace with their video views.

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Revealed: The Cost Of A Professional Web Series [Infographic]

Money Web Series

Web video has long been considered a cheaper alternative to television and film, but these days professional web series often look just as good as what you see on TV. And the cast, crew and equipment used to shoot web series often rivals that of film and television productions. So how much money goes into producing a series for the web? To shed some light on this question, YouTuber Freddie Wong’s production company, Rocket Jump, has created an infographic revealing The Cost Of A Webseries.

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How Much Money Do The Top 1000 YouTube Channels Make? [Infographic]

Top 1000 YouTube Channels

Yesterday YouTube announced that they are investing in 60 new original channels after a successful year with the first batch of nearly 100 new professionally created content channels. On the tails of this news, OpenSlate has put together a great infographic taking a look at the top 1000 channels on YouTube and the number of views, videos, subscribers and revenue they account for.

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Vimeo Finally Lets Creators Make Money Off Their Videos With Tip Jar & (Coming Soon) Pay-To-View

Vimeo Tip Jar

Last month we shared a list of reasons why Vimeo is the coolest video site for creatives. However, we pointed out one undeniable fault in the alternative online video sharing site—creators had no options for monetizing their videos. Well that is about to change. Although Vimeo is still going to remain ad-free (so advertising revenue is off the table), today the video site has announced some new features to help creators make money off of their amazing work.

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