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Hands-On Social Media Training for Beginners

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The Lone Ranger Generates Controversy on Social Media

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Johnny Depp, who tentatively claims he is probably part Native American of an uncertain tribe, plays Tonto to Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger in the Walt Disney movie that opened on July 3. Both Depp’s race and his costume, which includes inaccuracies such as full-time war paint and a dead crow as headgear, has generated some controversy.

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NCM Partners with Twitter and Foursquare to Bring Social Advertising to Moviegoers


“You used to have to sneak sex into advertising,” said comedian Colin Quinn. “Now you have to sneak advertising into sex.” Speaking at NCM’s cinema upfront presentation in New York City today, he noted that messaging apps like Snapchat might not be the right place for an ad, but the presentation that followed showed more appropriate ways for brands to join the conversations that play out publicly on social media sites. NCM Media Networks today announced a partnership with Foursquare and Twitter that will bring marketers on the big screen into the conversations on the small screen.

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Friday Morning Laughs: The Mostly Movies Edition

Jennifer Lawrence Jack N

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! The weekend is here at last and we’re celebrating with a roundup of some of the funniest videos of the week. This week’s Friday Morning Laughs is inspired by The Oscars so it’s made up almost entirely of videos related to the movies—with the exception of an adorable baby video, a scare prank and one awesome video of Michelle Obama dancing! Enjoy!

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Despite Content ID, Piracy Still Rampant On YouTube

YouTube Piracy

With 72 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s a massive undertaking for the video site to monitor it all. Content ID, YouTube’s platform for weeding out copyrighted materials uploaded to the site by cross-checking uploaded video against audio and visuals provided by content owners, has done wonders for cutting back YouTube piracy. However, Amir Efrati of the WSJ reports that illegal movie uploads are still finding their way to the site.

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New Disney Movies Finally Coming To Netflix…But Not Until 2016

Disney Netflix

Today Netflix and The Walt Disney Company announced a new multi-year licensing agreement. Netflix will be the exclusive U.S. subscription television service for Disney’s first-run live-action and animated features. But there’s just one catch. Looks like Netflix viewers are going to have to wait at least three years, as Yahoo Finance reports that the agreement will begin with Disney’s 2016 theatrically released feature films.

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