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@SocialTimes to Join @NASASocial for the Orion Stationary Recovery Test

Photo via Naval Station Norfolk on

Is it even possible to Vine or Instagram something like that? I have no idea. But expect plenty of pictures of the Navy’s recovery ship, the Hydro Impact Basin, and NASA Langley’s National Transonic Facility, all of which are part of the tour, as I cover the event live from Virginia. You can follow me on Twitter at @DevonGlenn or @SocialTimes and also keep an eye on @NASASocial, @NASA_Orion and the #NASASocial hashtag for updates from from the entire group.

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NASA Releases Free eBook About Hubble Telescope

Science nerds can rejoice because NASA is getting into more digital publishing with its latest books, Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries and Webb Space Telescope: Science Guide. The books are available in Apple’s iBookstore and in PDF format. NASA’s eBooks are extremely interactive – you can manipulate telescope models and watch galaxy collisions on your iPAD for free.

This great resource provides in-depth information on the technology behind NASA’s famed telescope, The Hubble, which has been in operation since 1990 and has provided the public with astounding imagery of space. The interactive book details the history of the telescope’s creation as well as some of the great discoveries it has enabled.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Obama Tweet | Facebook Gifts | Google Search

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Obama Wins New Term as Electoral Advantage Holds (The New York Times)
Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected president of the United States on Tuesday, overcoming powerful economic headwinds, a lock-step resistance to his agenda by Republicans in Congress and an unprecedented torrent of advertising as a divided nation voted to give him more time. Reuters Around 11:15 pm EST, just as the networks were beginning to call the race in his favor, Obama took to Twitter to proclaim himself the winner over Republican candidate Mitt Romney. That the president would take his message to Twitter before taking the stage in Chicago underscored the tremendous role social media platforms like Twitter played in the 2012 election. Mashable Obama’s celebratory tweet surpassed 500,000 retweets, making it the most retweeted post of all time, according to reports. The tweet, which simply says, “Four more years,” accompanies a photo of Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama embracing. The Huffington Post Maybe it’s fitting that the last campaign stop ever for Obama — a candidate who in 2008 was lauded for his ability to mobilize supporters online — is Reddit, the sprawling Internet community that hosted a real-time Q&A session the sitting commander-in-chief in August. “I’m checking in because polls will start closing in this election in just a few hours, and I need you to vote,” Obama wrote on Reddit in a note posted around 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Politico Romney gave a quick concession speech, shorter than six minutes, in which he acknowledged the nation had chosen a different leader and called on the president – and citizens – to reach across the aisle. “I pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation,” he said, adding, “I want to thank Paul Ryan for all that he has done for our campaign. And for our country. Besides my wife Ann, Paul is the best choice I’ve ever made.” Deseret News Romney may not have won the presidential election, but he won praise on Twitter after his concession speech, while pundits on both sides of the aisle took to the social media platform to express their post-election emotions. Romney’s website live-streamed Obama’s victory speech — an action met with additional praise on Twitter, where NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik called it a “total class move.” VentureBeat New Jersey’s decision to let citizens displaced by Hurricane Sandy vote by email and fax appears to have backfired, with the state now extending the deadline to return those ballots to 8 p.m. Eastern on Friday. Some voters in Jersey did not receive their email and fax ballots Tuesday after repeatedly requesting them.

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Watch: Relive The Curiosity Rover Mars Landing On YouTube

Curiosity Rover

Over 25,000 people watched the NASA live stream last night to see if Curiosity Rover would land successfully following what was being referred to as the “Seven Minutes of Terror,” the seven-minute time period it took Curiosity rover to enter Mars’ atmosphere and land. In case you missed it (or want to relive the excitement) we’ve put together a list of YouTube videos to capture the event. Check ‘em out and feel free to leave your comments below.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Mars Landing | Nokia Rumor | Reuters Hacked

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Tweeting Truck Lands on Mars, Internet Explodes With Joy (Mashable)
Overcoming its “seven minutes of terror” — and winning the hearts of geeks worldwide — the 2,000-pound NASA Curiosity Rover landed on Mars at 1:39 Monday morning EST. The whole landing was live-tweeted from its official Twitter account, writing in what you might well call the voice of the Internet. Twitter The tweet from @MarsCuriosity confirming landing on Mars: “I’m safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!!.” Another tweet says: “To the entire team & fans back on Earth, thank you, thank you. Now the adventure begins. Let’s dare mighty things together!” The New York Times A couple of minutes later, the first image popped onto the video screen – a grainy, 64-by-64-pixel black-and-white image showing one of the rover’s wheels and the Martian horizon. Three minutes later, a higher-resolution version of the same image appeared, and then came another image from the other side of the rover. Los Angeles Times Curiosity is expected to revolutionize the understanding of Mars, gathering evidence that Mars is or was capable of fostering life, probably in microbial form. The spacecraft is also expected to pave the way for important leaps in deep-space exploration, including bringing Martian rock or soil back to Earth for detailed analysis and, eventually, human exploration. CNN The spacecraft had been traveling away from Earth since Nov. 26 on a journey of approximately 352 million miles, according to NASA. Curiosity, which will be controlled from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has a full suite of sophisticated tools for exploring Mars. They include 17 cameras, a laser that can survey the composition of rocks from a distance and instruments that can analyze samples from soil or rocks. Read more