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Facebook Bringing Online Courses to Rwanda With Affordable Nokia Smartphones

internet  dot orgFacebook’s pilot program, SocialEDU, is on a mission to bring education to young students in Rwanda. The online education program is a joint partnership between the Rwandan government, Airtel telecom company, Nokia mobile company, online education provider edX, and Facebook.

Based on the success of MOOCs (Massice Open Online Courses), the joint venture is an extension of the Internet.org’s mission to bring the internet to the two thirds of the world’s population that does not have digital access. The MOOC-list is a huge database where students can find open-access courses available online. They are free, but do not come with course credits. Read more

Scientists Can Charge Your Nokia Phone With Lightning

Scientists are charging phones with simulated lightning, because… it’s the time of year for Frankenphone. Not that I will want to chase down a lightning storm in the Bay Area just to charge my phone since it has only happened twice since I moved here five years ago. However, the Nokia phone was able to get a full charge in just seconds so I could probably power my phone for at least a year with one San Francisco lightning storm. Another option is to get this lightning simulator.

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Social Media Newsfeed: D.C. Navy Yard Shooting | Facebook, Twitter in Iran


NBC, CBS Remind Us You Don’t Have to Be on Reddit or Twitter to Misidentify a Mass Killer (Slate)
Lest we think that Redditors, tweeters, and bloggers have a monopoly on rushing to judgment when tragedies are unfolding, a pair of network news stations today provided a reminder that premature reports are as old as the news itself. NBC and CBS both named the same suspect in the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard shooting on Monday afternoon, then retracted their reports. NBC’s Chuck Todd deleted his tweet naming the alleged shooter.

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Nokia Launches Maps App For iOS Devices

Reports have been circulating that Google Maps is coming back to the App Store to help give iOS users an alternative to Apple Maps.B ut in the meantime, Finnish smartphone company Nokia has released its mapping app Here Maps in the App Store.

Like Google’s app, the free app lets you search maps and discover nearby businesses.  You can create personalized maps and share them with others, and you can search the app to access other users’ maps. The app uses NAVTEQ mapping data, which is used in a majority of in-car GPS systems globally. The tool lets you explore an area and get directions for walking, driving or taking public transportation.

Apple Insider has more: “The Finnish company also noted that future updates will come with 3D capabilities akin to Apple and Google’s solutions, which will come from technology acquired by earthmine.”

Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter API Changes | Instagram Update | New Ustream App

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Twitter’s New API Rules Likely Spell the End of Third-Party Clients (Wired)
On Thursday, Twitter announced a new version of its API in a blog post. The latest version requires anyone using the Twitter API to be authenticated, institutes a rate-limiting feature and makes big changes to the ways developers can use Twitter’s data. ars technica Among the most damaging of these new changes for third-party developers is the evolution of Twitter’s Display Guidelines into Display Requirements. Developers are currently allowed some leeway in how they present tweets, but the new requirements will enforce a number of design decisions that may make it more difficult for third-party clients to differentiate themselves from both the official Twitter clients and one another. TechCrunch Apps that require more than 1 million individual “user tokens” will now have to work directly with Twitter. If you’re accessing certain services, such as the home timeline, that are “typically used by traditional client applications”, the threshold is 100,000 user tokens. If an existing app is already over the threshold, it can continue to operate, but once it doubles the user count that it has today, “You’ll be able to maintain your application to serve your users, but you will not be able to add additional users without our permission.” VentureBeat Currently, Twitter limits the number of free accesses to its API to 350 calls per hour, whether the requesting site is looking for a tweet, a profile, a user or a search. In the future, Twitter will implement per-endpoint rate limiting: 60 calls per hour. CNET For many developers, Twitter’s impossibly jargon-heavy declaration elicited a predictably sour reaction. The acid summation offered by Marco Arment, who developed Instapaper, summed up the feelings of many: “I sure as hell wouldn’t build a business on Twitter, and I don’t think I’ll even build any nontrivial features on it anymore,” he wrote on his blog. Read more

Social Media Newsfeed: Mars Landing | Nokia Rumor | Reuters Hacked

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Tweeting Truck Lands on Mars, Internet Explodes With Joy (Mashable)
Overcoming its “seven minutes of terror” — and winning the hearts of geeks worldwide — the 2,000-pound NASA Curiosity Rover landed on Mars at 1:39 Monday morning EST. The whole landing was live-tweeted from its official Twitter account, writing in what you might well call the voice of the Internet. Twitter The tweet from @MarsCuriosity confirming landing on Mars: “I’m safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!!.” Another tweet says: “To the entire team & fans back on Earth, thank you, thank you. Now the adventure begins. Let’s dare mighty things together!” The New York Times A couple of minutes later, the first image popped onto the video screen – a grainy, 64-by-64-pixel black-and-white image showing one of the rover’s wheels and the Martian horizon. Three minutes later, a higher-resolution version of the same image appeared, and then came another image from the other side of the rover. Los Angeles Times Curiosity is expected to revolutionize the understanding of Mars, gathering evidence that Mars is or was capable of fostering life, probably in microbial form. The spacecraft is also expected to pave the way for important leaps in deep-space exploration, including bringing Martian rock or soil back to Earth for detailed analysis and, eventually, human exploration. CNN The spacecraft had been traveling away from Earth since Nov. 26 on a journey of approximately 352 million miles, according to NASA. Curiosity, which will be controlled from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has a full suite of sophisticated tools for exploring Mars. They include 17 cameras, a laser that can survey the composition of rocks from a distance and instruments that can analyze samples from soil or rocks. Read more

Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone Social & Other Video Tips


Nokia is making a multi-billion dollar gamble with its switch from Symbian to Microsoft’s Windows Phone smartphone platform. Now that Nokia’s Windows Phone 7.5 based Lumia 800 is shipping (but not in the U.S.), Nokia is stepping up its effort to promote what Windows Phone can do and how to do it. Nokia released a series of introductory and how-to (“uncovered”) video clips on YouTube to provide this information.
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