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Friday Morning Laughs – Mr. Wolfdog Takes Over The Internet

mr wolfdog

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! The weekend is just around the corner and we’ve rounded up some of this week’s funniest videos to help you make your way into the weekend with a big ol’ smile on your face. This week’s roundup includes the latest amazing marketing campaign from Old Spice, an adorable singing 4-year old, Game of Thrones, corgis, seals, Louis C.K. and more. Enjoy!

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Learn How To Succeed At Business From Old Spice’s Mr. Wolfdog

mr wolfdog

The world of business will never be the same, thanks to Old Spice’s new Chief Director of Marketing, Mr. Wolfdog. The business-savvy canine has taken Teh Interwebz by storm since he announced his ascension to the company yesterday on Twitter and YouTube. Over the past 24-hours, Mr. Wolfdog has been sharing his business prowess with the world, with training videos, a webinar, an interactive Interview Trainer and more. Read on to find out more about how Mr. Wolfdog can help you succeed at business.

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Old Spice Releases 8-Bit Video Game Featuring Dikembe Mutombo

In a clever advertising campaign, Old Spice has created an 8-bit video game featuring basketball star Dikembe Mutombo.

The video embedded above introduces the game–we’d love to see more interactive gaming like this instead of banner ads. Here’s more from AgencySpy:

Yes, this is the basis of a real-time, online 8-bit gaming experience from W+K for Old Spice dubbed “4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World,” which will have our hero embark on weekly globe-trotting missions based on current event and help prolong our lives on this planet. So far, from visiting the game play site alone, we gather that this week, Mutombo must stop Gangnam Style and encourage people to vote–might be a little late on that one–but hell, we’re 100 percent behind this mission. Along the way, we’ve met a Cosby sweater-adorning, intelligent talking bear and other odd characters all while trying to figure how the hell get out of level 1.

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Musician Makes Epic Dub Remix With Old Spice Muscle Music Campaign

Old Spice Muscle Music

By now you’ve likely seen the new Old Spice Music Music campaign—an interactive collaboration with Vimeo starring Terry Crews that lets viewers play their own music with the pumped up Old Spice guy’s muscles. Musician Aaron Isles proves that you can make awesome music with nothing but Terry Crews’ muscles in an epic Dub Remix that came across our viral radar this morning.

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How Does The Fabio vs Isaiah Mustafa Duel Stack Up Against Last Year’s Old Spice Campaign?

Mano A Mano Old Spice

Have you been following the Fabio vs Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice Duel? The duo faced off all day yesterday, ‘Mano A Mano In El Baño’, in a popularity contest on YouTube. Both New Old Spice Guy Fabio and old Old Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa engaged in a response campaign, replying to Tweets with video and vying for viewers’ votes. But how does this campaign stack up to last year’s Old Spice Response campaign? You be the judge.

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