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Booya, OUYA! The First Kickstarter Game Console Raises $8.6M


OUYA is a game console that’s looking to compete with the big boys – Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft – by leveraging the Android to build an inexpensive set-top box. The company recently started soliciting crowd-funding on Kickstarter and after a surprising early run, they’ve wrapped up with a grand total of $8.6 million in funding from 64,000 individual contributions. I’m sure the big 3 are looking at this closely and wondering if this is going to be a real threat or not.

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VEVO to Put Music Videos on Kickstarter-Funded Video Game Console

VEVO console

The video game console hasn’t even finished its Kickstarter campaign, much less hit the market, but VEVO has already pledged its collection of music videos and original programming when OUYA finally launches in March 2013. With seven days left on the clock, the Los Angeles-based startup has already raised more than $6 million from 46,857 backers and counting.

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Android Game Console Launches Kickstarter Aiming for $950k in 30 Days; Reaches $2.6m in 48 hours


The OUYA project is a new video game console project that is built on Android and will only cost $99. The spin on OUYA is that it lets game designers design games for a big TV while skipping the traditional console game makers’ publishing routes – no more need to go through the XBox Live or PS3 app store to get a game ready for television. That’s the dream, and it looks like OUYA is going to achieve that dream because after asking for $950,000 in 30 days, they’ve achieved $2.6 million in 2 days.

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