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Scholars Post Free PDFs in Honor of Aaron Swartz

Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz killed himself last week, just a few weeks before facing trial after he cracked MIT computers and posted millions of scholarly documents from Jstor for free–he could have faced up to 30 years in prison in the controversial court case.

In honor of Swartz’s memory, scholars around the world are posting free PDF copies of their work at the #PDFTribute hashtag. Read more about his life and legacy at this tribute site.

UC Davis professor Jonathan Eisen posted more details: ”I should say, sharing your PDFs is not necessarily clearly not enough (the license on the PDF may affect what people can do with them if they feel constrained to follow the law).  It is also critical to think about the level of openness of a paper, but I will save most of the comments on that for another time. What I wanted to do here is point out various ways to share PDFs for people who don’t know how … UPDATE 1/14: See follow up post 10 things you can do to REALLY support #OpenAccess #PDFTribute” (image via)

Adobe CreatePDF for iPhone & iPad Released: Not Well Received by Users So Far


Adobe’s Flash has long been unwelcome in Apple’s mobile world. However, its PDF file format is a mainstay and even supported as document type by Apple’s own iBooks app. A PDF file is, after all, one of the oldest ways to share digital documents. With the fifth generation of iPhone rumored to be available soon, Adobe has finally decided the time is right to release an app to create PDF files. The app is priced at $9.99 and named:
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O’Reilly Media Sees Growth In ePUB Downloads

eBook formats have yet to be standardized across publisher, eBook retailer or device, but ePUB seems to be growing in popularity. O’Reilly Media has noticed a growth in this format.

Today, Andrew Savikas, VP of Digital Initiatives at O’Reilly Media posted a chart on which eBook formats its customers have downloaded from June 2008 to October 2010. As you can see from the chart above PDF has been the most popular format since the beginning, but ePUB files are growing in popularity.

Here is more from Savikas’ blog post: “At O’Reilly we offer multiple (DRM-free) formats to choose among for customers who buy our ebooks. Since starting the program with PDF, EPUB, and Kindle-compatible Mobipocket formats, we’ve added an Android application file (.apk) and more recently the accessible DAISY format. We track which of the formats customers actually download, and from the start PDF has been the dominant choice, though as the chart below shows, there’s been a steady shift toward other formats, especially the open EPUB format (which can be read on nearly every ereader device, and is the format used by Apple’s iBooks reader).”

5 Tools To Convert PDF to Word, Excel and JPG

My opinion is that PDF is the best format to send documents online and I think many of you will agree. Although not everybody works with PDF, sometimes you need to edit the document or use it for some further tasks. That’s why you need a quick access to PDF converter that can turn the document into Word, Excerl or JPG file.

Below is some of the best tools you can bookmark and later use to convert PDF documents to the most popular formats.

Nitro PDF to Word


Very handy tool form Nitro software that converts PDF files to .doc and .rtf formats. Just upload your PDF file and receive converted document to your email.

Nitro PDF to Excel


Second tool from Nitro dedicated to convert your PDF to Excel file. Works the same as Word converter – enter your email and lay back.

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Acrobat. Work. Together. Anywhere.

acrobatBy all accounts, Adobe’s plunge into Web-based software looks to be destined for success. The company, which has ruled the PDF and image world with Acrobat and Photoshop respectively, now allows registered users to create, manage and share documents they create with Adobe’s suite of programs. Here are several of the new online features available at Acrobat.com.

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