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Conservationists Call For YouTube To Ban Adorable Slow Loris Videos

Tickling Slow Loris

If you’ve ever seen the YouTube viral hit “Tickling Slow Loris,” in which an adorable wide-eyed creature throws his arms up while being tickled by his loving owner, then you probably thought that the slow loris was the cutest thing ever and maybe even wished you had one of your own for a pet. Conservationists are calling for YouTube to ban these adorable videos of domesticated slow lorises because they believe that these videos are fueling a brutal and illegal pet trade that is putting these creatures at risk of extinction.

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hi5 Grows Games and Cash Flow with RockYou "Pets"

-hi5 Logo-hi5 is expanding its gaming section with the addition of RockYou’s Pets game to all of its users. The RockYou Pet game has gained a steady following in its own right, so hi5 is seemingly looking to ramp up the offerings of its own game channel by layering in online activity that is sure to keep users around for extended periods of time, with game titles they already know and trust.

For RockYou, the new partnership means that hi5′s 63 million users will be able to access its gaming products. As one of the major application developers, RockYou has been among the first to create game apps for most of the major platforms, from Facebook to MySpace. So it’s no surprise to see RockYou reaching further with the new partnership with hi5.
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Doggyspace is a Doggy's Place

If you are planning to start a niche social networking site but couldn’t decide on what niche to market, perhaps you’re best bet would on pets and pet lovers niche, more particulary dogs and dog lovers. Social networking sites for dogs and dog lovers have been around since niche social networking sites have became popular. One dog/dog lovers-related site even got an award from the 2007 UK Social Find of the Year.Could DoggySpace repeat the same feat, only time could tell.

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