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Hands-On Social Media Training for Beginners

Social Media 101In our Social Media 101 boot camp, you'll determine the social media sites that matter most to you, based on personal and professional goals. Starting May 13, you will learn the best practices for using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, along with complete personal profiles on each site. Register today!

Kids React To Election 2012, Know More About Politics Than You May Think

Kids React To Politics

Election 2012 is heating up and as voters across the country voice their opinions on who they think should win the Presidential race, The Fine Brothers take a look at what a lesser-heard demographic thinks about Obama and Romney—kids! Over the weekend, ‘Kids React To Election 2012’ hit YouTube. The video features thirteen kids, aged 6 to 13, discussing everything from attack ads to the Electoral College, Obama Care, and the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

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Infographic: Which Political Party Is Dominating Social Media In 2012?

Politics Social Media

Back in 2008, Obama revolutionized political campaigning by building a massive, loyal following on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Obama’s social media prowess was a major factor in his 2008 win, but is he still ahead of the curve in the social media game in 2012? A new infographic from Viralheat takes a look at which party runs social now.

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Obama And Romney Videos Rack Up The YouTube Views… 2 Billion To Be Exact


The political world is revving up for the dirtiest election of all time and YouTube is proving to be one of the hottest battlegrounds, with close to 600,000 videos mentioning Obama or Romney already populating the video site. How many people are watching these videos? According to YouTube Trends, videos mentioning Obama or Romney top 2 billion views.

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