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Allied Star Police: Great Free Game from PopCap & the Mind of a 10-year Old Boy


PopCap, which produced two of my favorite games – Plants vz. Zombies and Peggle – released a new free game this week which has earned a 5-star average customer rating in the iTunes App Store..

Allied Star Police

Allied Star Police is a side-scrolling tower defense arcade type game. You are given a small amount of funds to buy weapons to send against the enemy vehicles rolling to you from the right side of the screen. The goals are to prevent the enemy from reaching your based while you advance and attempt to capture the enemy base. The game is fast paced and a lot of fun. The only issue you’ll probably have with it is that there are only three levels. You definitely want more after you finish the levels.

The game’s development, however, is even more fascinating than the game itself. It is the brain-child of literally a 10-year old boy named Owain Weinert. PopCap summarizes his story and the game’s story like this: PopCap met Owain in April when Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Alaska & Washington told us about his wish to make a video game. Owain (which means “little warrior” in Welsh) was diagnosed with pre-B Acute Lymphocytic Leumkemia last year and has gone through lots of difficult treatments. But his dad said that what he really wanted was to hang out with “real game designers”. So we volunteered to help Owain make his video game during PopCamp.

You can read more about Owain and his game creation on PopCap’s site:

Owain’s Wish

Thanks for the game Owain and PopCap. It is really a lot of fun to play!

10-year-old with leukemia releases new iPhone game as his ‘wish’ (KING 5)

Zynga and PopCap: Differing Strategies In A Social Gaming World


Garth Chouteau, Vice President of Public Relations at PopCap Games, believes that PopCap Games, Inc takes a different approach to gaming than their competitors, “At PopCap, we’re focused on building short, social iterations of our classic casual games, and continuing to grow and improve them over the long haul so they’re always getting better and never getting boring or stale.” According to Chouteau, “PopCap’s competitors seem awfully similiar, and not terribly fun — more like social interaction exercises within a ‘game’ wrapper.” These are two different methods that produce contrasting results, which produces better games?

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PopCap Games Hires Ex-Adobe Star Frits Habermann As Chief Technical Officer

popcaplogoPopCap Games, a leading casual games company with over 1 billion downloads by users, has announced that it’s hiring one of Adobe’s technology pioneers, Frits Habermann, as their new Chief Technical Officer. Frits was the VP of Core Technologies at Adobe and managed strategy and operations for Photoshop and Flash. He’s worked with games before as part of RealNetworks, handling education games.
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Yes, Your Mom Is Playing FarmVille

Popcap Logo

popcap_logo_rgbA new study by PopCap Social Gaming Research, creators of Bejeweled, confirms that mothers are the primary players of social games. As we wrote in the past, middle-aged women are the core demographic of social gamers, and this survey confirms that 55% of gamers are women, aged 43 on average. However, there are some interesting facts about other games that social gamers enjoy, how often they log on and where they go for their games in the data.
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