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Reuters Has Redesigned Website to Look More Like its App

Reuters has redesigned its website to make it function more like its recently launched iOS app. In March, the media organization launched its first iOS app, which is designed to deliver content contextually with the user’s consumption habits in mind.

So for example, when a user clicks on a news articles are  part of a news stream that is surrounded by the latest related content on the subject such as photos, videos, background articles and even social media alerts on the subject. The website works the same way, as stories on the site are fed into a news stream with related content and the experience looks more like an iPad app feed than a website.

The website is currently running the new version in a preview form but the new design will take over the preview site once it’s fully constructed.

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Tweeting Truck Lands on Mars, Internet Explodes With Joy (Mashable)
Overcoming its “seven minutes of terror” — and winning the hearts of geeks worldwide — the 2,000-pound NASA Curiosity Rover landed on Mars at 1:39 Monday morning EST. The whole landing was live-tweeted from its official Twitter account, writing in what you might well call the voice of the Internet. Twitter The tweet from @MarsCuriosity confirming landing on Mars: “I’m safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!!.” Another tweet says: “To the entire team & fans back on Earth, thank you, thank you. Now the adventure begins. Let’s dare mighty things together!” The New York Times A couple of minutes later, the first image popped onto the video screen – a grainy, 64-by-64-pixel black-and-white image showing one of the rover’s wheels and the Martian horizon. Three minutes later, a higher-resolution version of the same image appeared, and then came another image from the other side of the rover. Los Angeles Times Curiosity is expected to revolutionize the understanding of Mars, gathering evidence that Mars is or was capable of fostering life, probably in microbial form. The spacecraft is also expected to pave the way for important leaps in deep-space exploration, including bringing Martian rock or soil back to Earth for detailed analysis and, eventually, human exploration. CNN The spacecraft had been traveling away from Earth since Nov. 26 on a journey of approximately 352 million miles, according to NASA. Curiosity, which will be controlled from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has a full suite of sophisticated tools for exploring Mars. They include 17 cameras, a laser that can survey the composition of rocks from a distance and instruments that can analyze samples from soil or rocks. Read more

Facebook and eBay Introduce Commerce Platform


Even Facebook is growing and evolving and requires enterprise-level solutions like eBay’s to handle the massive media and content-sharing for its 750 million users. With all that sharing at that scale involves commercial transactions — buying and interacting with major consumer brands and products.

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LinkedIn Eyeing More Opportunities in China


Currently, LinkedIn has a small foothold in the country and is one of the few foreign social networking groups allowed access to Chinese Internet users. Facebook and Twitter are both blocked in China. Earlier this year in February, LinkedIn was temporally blocked by China; but is faring well now.

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