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Sean Parker’s Wedding Photos in Vanity Fair

Facebook billionaire Sean Parker‘s enchanted forest wedding to singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas has been the subject of much blog fodder. The lavish occasion was chastised by many outlets after getting a $2.5 million from the California Coastal Commission. Then Parker blasted his critics in a 9,000+ word post on TechCrunch explaining the logistical problems that went into planning the event and issues with the hotel itself.

Vanity Fair has the latest scoop on the event, exclusively publishing photos from the grand fete that took place in Big Sur, CA in its September issue. Follow this link to see a 32 photo slideshow of the party which looks like it stepped right out of a fairy tale. The photos were taken by Christian Oth  and Mark Seliger.

Sean Parker Understands Nothing About Social Media He Helped to Create

Sean Parker

The Social Network has already caricatured him as a “morally reprehensible ‘brogrammer’ douchebag. I had been mythologized,” said real-life Sean Parker, who evidently had forgotten he was writing about the redwoods he’s accused of molesting. But enough about Sean Parker, who just can’t stop talking about himself. Let’s get back to real, important things, like social media and how it has been misbehaving.

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Rumor: iOS 6 Includes Facebook Sharing | Airtime Launch Faces Glitches | Google Purchasing Meebo

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System-wide Facebook Integration Rumored in iOS 6 (The Verge)
According to sources, iOS 6 will include system-wide Facebook integration that’s similar to how iOS 5 deals with Twitter. That means if you opened an app like Photos, you’d be able to share something to Facebook as well as tweet, print or email it, and you’d be able to set Facebook single sign-in information from the settings. AllFacebook The social networking company continued down the path of diversifying its offerings for advertisers with an announcement Tuesday that sponsored stories in the newsfeed are now available for purchase separately via the Facebook ads application programming interface and power editor. Marketers can choose from a variety of placement options for sponsored stories. CBS News Facebook users may have seen a status update masquerading as a legally-binding privacy notice in their news feeds in the last month. The fact is that Facebook members own the intellectual property that is uploaded to the social network, but depending on their privacy and applications settings, users grant the social network “a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP license).” Bloomberg Nasdaq OMX Group plans to update brokers today about the process it will use to compensate firms that lost money in the initial public offering of Facebook, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter. Nasdaq and Facebook ran into trouble on the morning of May 18 when computer systems used to set the opening price in the IPO were overwhelmed by order cancellations and updates. Contently/The Content Strategist More than 20 million Facebook users have been served a ton of content at McDonald’s market-leading Facebook page. Marketing strategists have been actively populating the site, engaging fans and providing fresh content. Read more

Has Music Become Social Enough? Sean Parker Thinks So

Sean Parker

Listening to Sean Parker’s advice is a bit like trying to take life lessons from your parents seriously. Sure, they have experience and probably know what they’re talking about, but you always have the sneaking suspicion that their viewpoint may not be entirely relevant anymore. Just the same, let’s talk about the Napster founder’s recent decree that social music has finally reached its proper level of, umm, social-ness.

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A Brief History Of Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning… and Their New Project


“Who are the Seans?” one might ask. Well, they may not officially be ‘The Seans’ just yet, but if their most recent venture blows up, they may well achieve that single name, ‘Winkelvii’ type status (without the d-bag-y conotations). Individually, you just may have heard of them though. Sean Parker? You know – that guy played by the pop star in one of last year’s biggest movies, Founding President of Facebook; the one that seems to have the Midas Touch with any tech startup? That Sean. Then there’s Shawn Fanning (sorry buddy, the ‘Sean’ spelling is more popular). In creating Napster, he almost single-handedly changed (Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich would write that as ‘destroyed’) the music industry. Yeah, they’ve done stuff.

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