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Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter Email Security | Facebook Blocks Access


Twitter Adds Email Security to Ward Off Cybercriminals (Mashable)
To cut down on fake email scams and ploys to steal your passwords, Twitter has added an email authentication security measure to prevent malicious attacks on user accounts. The company announced on Thursday it has started using a new technology DMARC, which aims to prevent cybercriminals from sending emails to users with a fake address.

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Instagram Your City For Social Media Week and Win A Trip

Boston's not on the list, but check out the view from the MIT Media Lab.

(Boston's not on the list, but check out the view from the MIT Media Lab.)

Every year, Social Media Week draws participants from around the world to discover new trends in mobile and social media. If you’d like a free vacation out of the deal, get out your smartphone. Social Media Week is celebrating its sixth anniversary this fall with a photography contest to highlight this year’s trend of sharing and curating photos.

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Social Media Week Organizer Crowdcentric Seeks Contributors for Global Editorial Platform

Social Media Week organizer Crowdcentric is looking for contributors for a global editorial platform covering worldwide social and mobile media.

Crowdcentric said it expects two to three posts weekly, in English, covering news, analysis, or commentary on social and mobile media developments from contributors’ native countries, adding that interested parties can sign up here, and questions can be emailed to

The next Social Media Week will be held Sept. 19-13 in 12 cities.

foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Checks In at Social Media Week New York

foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley was the subject of a keynote interview as part of Social Media Week New York, conducted by Fast Company‘s Austin Carr at JWT’s Media & Communications Hub in Manhattan.

Crowley mentioned that the company has grown from four employees and 100,000 users to 50 employees and some 6.5 million users, saying, “Going from 100,000 users to 6.5 million users, a lot of things break in the middle.”

Describing how the foursquare platform evolved, he said, “You can get 10 random foursquare users in a room and ask them what drew them to the platform, and you’d get 10 different answers. What should I eat? Can I get a special? We threw 10 things at the wall to see what sticks, and all 10 of them stuck. It’s a good thing, because it shows how rich the platform is and how rich it could be. How do you boil everything that foursquare does down to one sentence? I don’t think we want to tell people how to use the product. We want people to teach us how they’re using it. The initial design was, ‘I go out for happy hour, I broadcast my location, and a bunch of people show up.’ ”

Crowley continued, “Can you use game mechanics to incentivize and encourage people to go out and enrich their lives? I think there’s something good about software that can get you to try new experiences. No matter where I’m standing in Manhattan, there’s 1,000 options of things I could be doing right now. foursquare can help me filter those options.”

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