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From the Makers of the Walkman: Xperia E1 Smartphone

Sony has released a new smartphone in its Xperia line, the Android-based Xperia E1, and this one is all about the music. The “music-focused” mid-tier phone demonstrates Sony’s “audio heritage” with a louder and clearer listening experience, the company said.

Features like a 100Db speaker and “shake-to-shuffle” controls aim to appeal to music aficionados. More music features, such as playlists, are accessible via the Walkman app. The phone comes loaded with a 30-day free pass to Sony’s Entertainment Network music streaming service. The phone also connects via Bluetooth, so fans can sync their music experience across devices. Read more

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Sony Sells 2.1 Million PS4s

PlayStation 4Sony said it has sold 2.1 million of its new PlayStation 4s in about two weeks. Fans snapped up a million of those units in the first 24 hours they went on sale Nov. 15.

“It’s an impressive and record-setting accomplishment for our company and for our industry, and we couldn’t have done it without you,” wrote Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, in a blog post. “I want to personally thank PlayStation fans, both old and new, for your vote of confidence.” Read more

Sony Xperia Promotes Waterproof Phone with Cute Animated Series About Friendship

Sony’s latest Hong Kong ad campaign for its waterproof Xperia is a cute story about how Water and Sony became BFFs. It doesn’t have a catchy tune like Australia’s Metro Train’s Video, Dumb Ways to Die, but who doesn’t like to have friends?

In this first video, Water meets Sony after killing off some other less-waterproof “friends,” including an iPhone jumping rope.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Apple Announcements | Hillary Clinton Joins Twitter


Hillary Clinton Reclaims Her Identity on Twitter (SocialTimes)
For the last year or so, texts from Hillary Clinton were not actually written by the former first lady and secretary of State. Monday, the smartphone-wielding @HillaryClinton was verified, active on Twitter and reclaiming her online identity with the same avatar made famous by the parody Tumblr blog “Texts from Hillary.”

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Sony Buys Gaikai Cloud Gaming Service for $380M


Late last night, Sony announced that it will acquire Gaikai, one of the two major cloud-gaming providers, for $380M USD. Sony will be using the new company to create a cloud gaming service which will ostensibly allow people to play high quality games instantly using their web connection and removing the need to buy a disc or download the game. It’s a huge deal and it begs the question – will someone be coming after OnLive, the other major competitor, in the near future?

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Sony S2 Dual-Display Android Tablet. Potentially Interesting. Only Available Through AT&T


Numerous firms seem fascinated with the idea of producing a successful dual-screen device. Nintendo did it years ago with their successful line of Nintendo DS series of mobile game consoles. There was Microsoft’s concept Courier tablet that was never manufactured. Then, there’s the odd gigantic dual 10-inch Kno tablet targetted at college students that never took off. Toshiba has a Courier-like concept notebook with dual-displays too. But, it looks like Sony may be the first with a dual-display Android tablet with the potential to actually succeed: The S2 Tablet.

Sony S1 and S2 Tablets Hands-on: Are They Good Enough? (Laptop)

Unfortunately, it will only be available through AT&T int he U.S. This means that there will not be a less expensive WiFi-only model.

AT&T to offer Sony S2 tablet exclusively in the U.S. (BGR)

The Sony S2 Tablet is a dual-core, 4G capable tablet running Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb). This means that it will be capable of working with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking apps available for Android devices. Its dual 5.5-inch displays are on a hinge which lets the top display be positioned in a comfortable viewing angle while leavng the virtual on-screen keyboard flat relative to the user. It also has an Infrared (IR) port that lets it act as a universal remote control for a variety of consumer electronic products (like TVs).

Neither Sony nor AT&T have provided price information.