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Kickstarter Project Wants to Help You Send Your Own Tiny Spacecraft to the Moon

Pocket Spacecraft’s Kickstarter aims to send legions of tiny disk-sized spacecrafts with low cost, open source technology. The pocket spacecrafts are actually smaller than CDs and thinner than paper – capable of transmitting information to your smartphone while being launched out of the atmosphere on a larger, commercial Cubesat Mothership. Depending on your investment, your personal spacecraft will be headed back to earth via the planet’s gravitational pull or  landing on the moon as short-lived, lunar explorers. They can’t just roll around forever right?

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PayPal Galactic Means You Can Finally Make Payments While Traveling to Mars

Herman YouTube Tokyo

Sometimes “where on earth…” just doesn’t cut it. I’m talking about buying digital music, paying for ebooks, and catching up on terrestrial bills while planet-hopping. Now there’s Paypal Galactic, who can provide the perfect solution for these interstellar financial transactions. Naturally, space experts like the SETI Institute and former astronaut, Buzz Aldrin are also involved.

Creating a secure and functional commerce system that can operate in space at scale will not be easy, but with the support of the scientific community, other technology companies and the public at large, we hope to find the solutions to address these challenges. This is just the beginning. Specific details still need to be addressed, and we look forward to keeping you updated with our progress and to the day when we are truly able to make space a commercial reality.

What’s a fair transaction fee for interplanetary payments or a good currency with great intergalactic exchange rates? I’m sure someone out there with experience can help me out, because now all I have to do is figure out how to leave the planet.

Nexus S First Android Phone in Space on Final Space Shuttle Mission


Google promoted one Android “reference device” (phone) in 2010 and 2011. The 2011 reference device was the Nexus S made by Samsung. It was the first Android phone to feature NFC (Near Field Communications), a front-facing camera and run Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread). This past July, it also added the distinction of being the first and last Android phone to go into space on the final space shuttle mission.
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David Hasselhoff's Social Network

I drank a few beers last night. OK, I drank many beers last night. But I’m pretty sure I’m sober now. I mean, I did get to work in one piece. And I am typing this blog entry. However, there’s no way I am in control of my faculties because I clicked my mouse and ended up at the official David Hasselhoff Social Network: HoffSpace.

Complete with members, a chat room, forum, gadgets, groups, photos and videos, there are almost 13,000 members as of this post. Read more