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Social Media Newsfeed: State of the Union | Dorner Social Media Support


Obama’s Tweet Fest Falls Flat (Boston Herald)
President Barack Obama’s attempt to make last night’s State of the Union address the most interactive in history was a bust. Not only were Obama administration officials forced to go on the offensive against a rumored hack by the notorious group Anonymous, only 190 people had used the hashtag #WHChat over a seven-hour period Tuesday, according to an analysis by the social media metrics firm Hashtracking.

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YouTube’s Steve Grove on the Hot Seat at CBS News Political Hotsheet

YouTube head of news and politics Steve Grove spoke with CBS News chief White House correspondent Chip Reid about President Barack Obama appearing on the Google-owned video site after the State of the Union address to answer questions from YouTube users.

Grove told Reid 10 times more questions were submitted this year than for Obama’s first State of the Union in 2010, adding that, much like last year, queries about the legalization of marijuana and the president’s drug policy dominated. Video courtesy of CBS News Political Hotsheet:

Away from a TV? 5 Online Ways To Track Tonight's State of the Union


Are you as excited about the promise of bipartisan seating for tonight’s State of the Union address as you are about the many options to watch, and interact, online? Well, you should be. Thinking of sitting down on the couch to watch the speech on your TV screen? So 20th century. Get with it and follow our quick rundown of the hottest URLs and social networks to tune into tonight to debate, hear and see President Barack Obama’s speech before Congress, and the nation.

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Keith Olbermann to FOKNewsChannel, Not Fox News Channel; to Live-Tweet State of the Union

Fans of Keith Olbermann lamenting the fact that his last installment of Countdown with Keith Olbermann aired on MSNBC just days before President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union address can still hear what the controversial talk-show host has to say about the speech, via Twitter.

Olbermann announced via Tweet that he would live-Tweet the State of the Union, following that up by announcing the creation of another Twitter feed, FOKNewsChannel, with a Tweet that read, “Greetings! FOKNewsChannel is on the air. Well, on Twitter. Well, it’ll be on as soon as we pay the electric bill #FOK”

Top 5 Ways to Follow Obama's State of the Union on Twitter

The State of the Union may not have the same great commercials as the Super Bowl, but it’s still an annual television event that gets people talking. Whether you’re tuning in because you genuinely care about Obama’s vision for America, because you just want to sound intelligent at your next dinner party, or because all of your favorite shows are interrupted and there isn’t anything else to watch, Twitter can enhance the experience at least a little. Here are the top 5 ways to reap those benefits. Read more

HuffPost, Sunlight Foundation, CPI, NJ to Team Up on Real-Time Fact-Checking of State of the Union

Accuracy is important in analyzing President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union speech Tuesday night, as well as the Republican response immediately thereafter by Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.), so The Huffington Post, the Sunlight Foundation, The Center for Public Integrity, and National Journal will team up to provide real-time fact-checking of the speeches, which can be followed using Sunlight Foundation’s Sunlight Live real-time platform and via Twitter hashtag #SOTUFACTS.

Journalists and policy experts from the respective organizations will team up to quickly identify and point out any inaccuracies in the speeches, focusing on issues including national security, health reform, taxes, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the economy.

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