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Email MarketingStarting January 12, learn how to create campaigns that engage subscribers, increase awareness, and drive traffic and sales! In this course, you'll learn how to create effective email campaigns to meet your company's goals and objectives, develop copywriting and design techniques, create and manage distribution lists, and more! Register now!

LinkedIn Gets Serious About Their “Follow Company” Feature


LinkedIn is about to get a whole whack of very valuable data.  The network, with over 100 million professional users, is giving those users the ability to follow and like their favorite companies, just like Twitter users follow and retweet their favorite celebrities.  The difference is that LinkedIn is full of this generation’s technology leaders, and getting to a million followers first on LinkedIn could mean a whole lot of business.  More after the jump.

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Why Bagels are Never Good for Dinner: Finding Your Windows of Opportunity


Updating Facebook isn’t as simple as posting a status here and there. Status updates should be done through a calculation of the information available to you. If businesses understood this more often, they wouldn’t hire an intern to do their social media. Instead, they would pay money to hire a professional in the field. A professional will be able to find your windows of opportunity.

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Coca-Cola Pulls Facebook Promotion Amid Porn Complaints

dr pepper logoNever underestimate the power of porn. A distraught Glasgow woman has single-handedly forced the giant soft drink maker Coca-Cola to pull a Dr. Pepper Facebook promotion after her 14 year old daughter’s status was altered to include reference to a porn movie. The promotion required Dr. Pepper “hijacking” users’ status updates with embarrassing statements – some more embarrassing than others by the looks of it. The offending statement was first removed, but Coca-Cola announced yesterday that they would end the promotion altogether. Regardless of whether or not the pornographic status update would offend us all, this signals a victory for the solitary voice using social media to rally against a multi-billion dollar corporation online.
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Report: Facebook and Twitter Slowly Replacing Email

email overload vs wiki 2009 saw a tremendous increase in usage of Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and could easily be termed as the Year of Social Media. This growth in the usage of social and collaboration platforms has led the enterprises to seriously consider using social platforms for business collaborations, according to Mark R. Gilbert, research vice president at Gartner Research.
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