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Video Flashback: The Very First ‘Stevenote’ Where Jobs Introduced the Macintosh

Today’s time journal is a video from the Computer History Museum, a thirty year old video of 1984 Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh, in his first fabled ‘Stevenote.’ You may have heard of the infamous ‘Stevenote’ in other places, notably Wikipedia, where you can find a chronological listing of every Apple product introduction from 1984 to the current OS, Mavericks. This video is a nice historical artifact to consume, especially on your iPhone.
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Steve Jobs Email Reveals That In-App Purchasing Rules Were Aimed at Amazon

Remember when Apple started charging Amazon and other eBook competitors a 30% royalty fee for selling books in their eReader apps? It turns out that it was a direct jab at Amazon. And the idea stemmed from a commercial that showed how easy it is to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone.

As part of the proposed antitrust remedy to the case against Apple (the one in which Apple was already found guilty), the US Department of Justice has filed a revised proposal, which brings new documentation to light. In a 2010 email exchange between Steve Jobs and Philip Schiller, we can see where Jobs got the idea to take 30% on all eBooks sold through apps. Schiller complained to Jobs about an Amazon Kindle app commercial showing how easy it is to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone. Jobs responded by writing: Read more

DOJ Cites Jobs Murdoch Email Exchange in eBook Collusion Case

The US Department of Justice  has filed a new document in the Apple eBook antitrust lawsuit. The filing includes an email sent from Apple’s founder Steve Jobs to Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corporation, the owner of HarperCollins, one of the publishers named in the original complaint.

The Verge has the story: “In the email, Jobs told Murdoch he could either continue to have Amazon price ebooks at $9.99, or ‘throw in with Apple and see if we can all make a go of this to create a real mainstream ebooks market at $12.99 and $14.99.’”

While all of the five publishers in the eBook collusion have settled with the DOJ and agreed to terms that would prevent future collusion, Apple continues to fight the case.

Facebook to Set Final IPO Price | Pinterest Raises $120 Million | States Weigh Social Media Gambling

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Facebook to Set Final IPO Price Later Today (CNN Money)
Facebook’s long road to an initial public offering is coming to an end. Late Thursday, it will fill in one last piece of the puzzle: Its final IPO price. Mashable On Wednesday, Facebook announced that an extra 84 million shares will be added to its stock pool for sale. The extra shares will come entirely from insiders and early investors, according to the AP. Reuters But investors who want Facebook shares when the No. 1 online social network goes public later this week may have lost the opportunity. TD Ameritrade and Fidelity’s brokerage arm both stopped accepting orders of Facebook shares as of Tuesday evening, according to representatives for each of the companies. CNET Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, who is simultaneously becoming one of the richer and more reviled people around, wants to set the record straight. Saverin, who is now a citizen of Singapore after renouncing his U.S. citizenship, said his decision has nothing to do with taxes. Forbes All eyes are on Facebook this week in the lead-up to the social network’s initial public offering, but Google did all it could to steal back a little bit of glory on Wednesday. One of the biggest pieces of news was the search company’s addition of “Knowledge Graph” to its core product, a way to find answers without ever clicking a link and leaving the search results page. Read more