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Social Media Newsfeed: Royal Baby News on Social Media | Netflix Earnings


8 Sweet Social Media Reactions to Royal Baby News (SocialTimes)
The newest heir to the throne — a boy — came into the world Monday at at 4:24 p.m. weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces. The son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was a trending topic on Twitter and inspired a great deal of fan art on Tumblr and Pinterest as well. On Facebook, there were more than 1 million global mentions of the royal birth. Here are a few of our favorite memes.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Bing-Facebook Integration | Foursquare Map


Bing Integrates More Facebook Results into Social Sidebar (AllFacebook)
Just like Facebook is integrating Bing into its graph search, Microsoft’s search engine is getting more cozy with the social network. Bing announced Thursday that more results from users’ Facebook friends will be included next to the main search results if users have connected their Facebook accounts to Bing.

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Social Sites Big Winners in ComScore’s First Combined Desktop, Mobile Rankings

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Web audience measurement provider ComScore yesterday debuted the first commercial rankings that provide de-duplicated visit counts for desktop users and mobile users, whether through apps or a browser. Social sites ratcheted up their prestige, even while the list of the most trafficked digital properties showed that the same sites that do well on the desktop Web do well on mobile platforms.

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VEVO Partners with Virgin So You Can Watch Music Videos on the Plane


Music video-sharing site VEVO has partnered with Virgin America to bring music videos to the back of your seat while you fly. The airline’s studio, Virgin Produced, will collaborate with the site on some original content to play against the backdrop of pink lights and sleek decor of Virgin’s fleet. For VEVO, the partnership means a captive audience. For travelers, there will now be something to watch other than $8 movies.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Bloody Instagram Photo | Facebook Buy | Chris Christie

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Empire State Building Shooting: There’s No ‘Crime Scene Filter’ on Instagram (BetaBeat)
After the fatal shooting at the Empire State Building in New York City on Friday, every smartphone owner in the vicinity began tweeting about the drama, many uploading photos taken on the fly – to Twitter and, perhaps more strangely, Instagram. Slate When photos like this one, depicting a crumpled, bloody man on the sidewalk appear on Instagram, I wish there was an option to “dislike” it. It feels uncomfortable to see 95 “likes” — in the form of sweet little hearts — beneath an image labeled as “dead man.” The Poynter Institute Meanwhile, The New York Times explained the graphic photo it posted on its homepage. People on social media expressed plenty of opinions about the decision, as people on social media are prone to do. Mashable There are many businesses housed inside the Empire State Building, near the location of the shooting. Among those businesses is LinkedIn, which alerted Twitter followers about two hours after the shooting that all staff in its Empire State Building office were “accounted for and safe.” ABC News A search of the apartment of the gunman killed by police outside the Empire State Building showed the shooter apparently had no intention of returning home after shooting his former co-worker. Police found an envelope with his keys left behind for his landlord, leading investigators to believe he did not expect to be back. Read more

Social Media Newsfeed: No Facebook Deal | AT&T and FaceTime | Zynga Stock

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Judge Rejects Facebook’s ‘Sponsored Stories’ Settlement (CNET)
U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg of San Francisco, Calif., has rejected Facebook’s settlement of a class-action suit regarding an ad feature that publicizes users’ “likes” of products and services to their Facebook friends but doesn’t pay the users for the endorsements or allow them to opt out. Under the proposed deal, Facebook would have given its users more control over how their “likes” were handled and would have allowed users under 18 to opt out of sponsored stories. Wired Seeborg was concerned that the deal, which provides a $10 million payout to attorneys suing Facebook and $10 million to charity in what is known as a cy pres award “was merely plucked from thin air.” In his Friday ruling, he ordered the parties to provide more information on how it reached that amount. Bloomberg Businessweek Seeborg also said that while it isn’t feasible to divide $10 million among as many as 70 million affected customers, it isn’t sufficient to justify giving that money only to advocacy groups. Lawyers for customers had argued the groups would be “watchdogs” over Facebook. Inside Facebook Facebook is once again the second-largest video site in the United States, according to comScore. The social network saw 53 million unique video viewers in July, about a third of Google’s audience but higher than the number of unique viewers on Yahoo and Vevo. Mashable Google, thanks largely to YouTube, still enjoys a comfortable lead in the race with nearly 157 million total unique viewers. Yahoo users, however, watched more videos — 625 million to Facebook’s 327 million. Facebook users watched an average of 21.7 minutes of video throughout July, while Yahoo users consumed 70.4 hours of video content. Read more