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Social Media Newsfeed: Social Netflix | Yelp Reaction


Yelp Users Punish Iowa Dentist Who Was Legally Cleared for Firing ‘Irresistible’ Assistant (SocialTimes)
Although an Iowa dentist prevailed in a legal battle and was eventually cleared of discriminatory employment practices although he fired an assistant for being sexually “irresistible,” his Yelp users have begun using Yelp as an outlet to let the dentist know they don’t approve. One user simply posted the AP story about the dentist, James Knight, as a review. Dozens of users have found it “useful.”

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Social Media Newsfeed: Tweets Before Death | Facebook Save | College Athletes

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Friends Tweet Before Dying in Maryland Train Derailment (AP)
They were seemingly ordinary tweets from two friends hanging out on a railroad bridge in their hometown, enjoying one last summer night together before heading back to college. Minutes after the messages were shared on Twitter, a Baltimore-bound CSX freight train loaded with coal barreled down the tracks and derailed, killing Elizabeth Conway Nass and Rose Mayr, both 19, of Ellicott City, and toppling railcars and coal onto the streets below of this historic Maryland community. The Washington Post “Drinking on top of the Ellicott City sign,” read one tweet. “Looking down on old ec,” read another. Accompanying photos showed their view from the bridge and their bare feet, one with painted blue toenails, dangling over the edge. “Levitating,” read the tweet. CBS News So far, investigators have determined the emergency brakes were applied automatically — not by the three-man crew — on Monday around midnight, but they don’t know why the train jumped the tracks. It could be weeks before they know anything definitive. The women were sitting on the edge of the bridge with their backs to the tracks as the train passed a few feet behind them, Howard County police said, and their bodies were found buried under coal dumped from the train cars. The Baltimore Sun Ellicott City’s historic center braced for a difficult, days-long cleanup of coal, overturned train cars and smashed vehicles. Investigators said the town’s uneven topography along the Patapsco River in Howard County added obstacles to an already complex recovery. CNN Nass was supposed to go back to college at James Madison in Virginia on Tuesday, and Mayr was a nursing student at the University of Delaware who was about to start her junior year. Read more

Samsung Wants A Web TV Platform: Google Android or Samsung Bada?

smarttvlogo1[1] Samsung, one of the premiere makers of LCD, LED and Plasma televisions, is reportedly pondering whether to build televisions that use the Google Android operating system. This is the Google dream, to get their Android operating system to become a spinal cord for web connected televisions around the world, and was part of their recent announcement of Google TV. The problem is that there isn’t a whole lot of detail on exactly how some elements of the new service will work. Some of the features seem to require typing, and unless Samsung is shipping LCD TVs with a wireless keyboard, it’ll probably end up awkward and unused. We take a look at the possibilities after the jump.

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Report: Facebook and Twitter Battle for Social TV Ad Space

smarttvlogo How important will Facebook and Google be in the future of Social and Connected TV?  The report by Futurescape, entitled <takes a deep breath> Social TV: How Facebook, Twitter and connected television transform global TV advertising, pay-TV, EPGs and broadcasting, details how these technologies, and specifically, their battle for a user’s social graph, will deeply affect the way that we watch and monetize television in the future.

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