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Yelp Introduces Emoji-Based Searches

yelp emojiWe can blame Twitter’s latest desktop support for the new trend in emojis, or, those small, mobile symbols representing words, thoughts, and emotions. Now, anyone can use emojis to search for business on Yelp’s mobile app. Of course, we do have to ask ourselves – were many people using emojis to write Yelp reviews?

Earlier this year, emojis became controversial for their lack of racial diversity, prompting an African Telecom company to create their own for people of color. Even more fascinating is the fact that Japanese messaging company Line, is able to sell emoji stickers to its customers at a rate of $10 million every month and growing. There’s obviously something there worth capitalizing on, but we’re not sure if
Yelp searches are that lucrative.

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Online Store Fines Customer for Posting Disparaging Review


kleargearDefamation and libel are things we often ignore when ranting on sites like Yelp, but we should take more caution when leaving online reviews. Today’s tragic story is about an unhappy customer, Jen Palmer, whose credit was ruined when an angry retailer wrongfully billed her for posting a disparaging review. Evidently, it was in violation of their user agreement, which, to be fair, no one ever reads.

The ordeal began serveral Christmas shopping seasons ago when Palmer’s husband purchased a few gifts from The gifts never arrived so the Palmers’ orders were automatically cancelled by Paypal. Read more