The Atlantic Wire reported strong growth in its first year, reaching 1 million unique monthly users and seeing monthly advertising revenues for September up 248 percent versus September 2009.

Social-media sites such as Facebook and Digg have accounted for one-third to one-half of the site’s traffic referrals, and comScore data found only 3 percent duplication between The Atlantic Wire and The Atlantic.

Atlantic Digital editorial director Bob Cohn — subject of a So What Do You Do Q&A earlier this month — said:

We’re thrilled that over the past year, The Atlantic Wire has become a must-read for anyone looking to engage with the day’s most important political, business, and cultural commentary. Between the blogosphere, the op-ed pages, and the radio and TV pundits, there’s just too much to absorb each day. Our writers break it down without dumbing it down.

The Atlantic and vice president and publisher Jay Lauf added:

It’s clear that The Atlantic Wire is attracting its own unique audience and filling a niche in the market — the value of which is supported by our strong advertising gains. We’re looking forward to the site’s continued success and evolution in the coming months.