The Battle Between Facebook and Google+ [Infographic]

Although Facebook has secured the top spot with 750+ million users, the rapid growth of Google+ (with an estimated 25 million users) must be making the social media giant nervous.  SingleGrain has highlighted the differences between Facebook and Google+ via an Infographic and elaborated the benefits and drawbacks of both networks.


According to SingleGrain:

Although Facebook still holds the lead in total users, Google+ is certainly catching up. The privacy controls and simple sharing tools could give Google+ an edge to draw in even more users if they can expand outside their current demographic.

SingleGrain did a side-by-side comparison of both the networks in the Infographic. For example the Infographic discussed different ways Facebook and Google+ deals with friends, chat, and privacy settings. According to the graphics, Facebook had 713.6 million unique visitors during the month of May alone and the site accounted for 55 % of the total visits to the social networking sites in addition to generating 40 % of the total daily internet traffic worldwide.

Both Facebook and Google+ are male dominated having 51.2% and 73.7% of male population respectively. Top occupation on Google+ belongs to engineers, holding about a quarter (24.56%) of its total users. Software developers, web-designers and software engineers are among the other popular occupants on Google+ holding 13.57%, 10.77% and 10.05% respectively. Google+ has now become the fastest growing social network in the history, but it still remains to be seen, if Google+ could one day become as big as Facebook, if not bigger.

Check out the infographic below for further comparisons.

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