The Gregory Brothers Join Scott Rogowsky for the Season Finale of ‘Running Late’

Jeff Goldblum is always watching.

Internet talk show host Scott Rogowsky came face-to-face with an internet troll in last night’s Season 3 finale of “Running Late,” held at the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn with a performance by the Gregory Brothers and other guests.

Rogowsky may have predicted what was to come when he casually mentioned that the internet was a hateful place in between plugs for the show’s sponsor, Grolsch beer, and interviews with his guests, who included Tom Scharpling (WFMU’s “The Best Show”), Nathan Fielder (“Nathan For You”), Wyatt Cenac (“The Daily Show”), and John Gallagher (“The Newsroom,” “Short Term 12″).

Moments later, a real-life version of an internet troll called out from the back of the theater to demand that the Gregory Brothers, who were last in the line-up, get on the stage immediately.

Rogowsky quickly lost patience, asking the guy to either “sit tight” or do the audience a favor by drowning himself in the tiny pools that surround the tables on the ground floor of the theater. Tom Scharpling, who was being interviewed at the time, took it in stride, saying he liked the misguided Super Fan and inviting him to come a little closer.

The Gregory Brothers didn’t judge the guy, either. Known for turning news stories and viral videos into hit songs like “Bed Intruder” and “Double Rainbow,” the creators of the Schmoyoho channel on YouTube are no strangers to the mysteries of internet fandom. At the time, they were about to perform a sweetly creepy tribute to actor Jeff Goldblum and his ex-wife, actress Geena Davis.

The Super Fan starts acting up at the 1:49:40 mark in this UStream recording below. Fortunately, the Gregory Brothers made it through their entire performance (starting at 1:57:49) before the Super Fan in the gray shirt rushed the stage at the end.

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