It’s been just 17 months since the launch of the iPad, and today it set a new record. Over 100 thousand apps have been developed for the iPad.

When the iPad hits stores last April, Apple promised that it would support “almost all” of the 150,000 plus apps in iTunes. That wasn’t quite true, and for a while there hackers came up with tricks to get around the less compatible aspects. As you can see by today’s news, that’s no longer required.

The apps are coming faster, too. it was only late March that the iPad got its 75 thousandth app. This means that it took an average of 5 months for each of the first 25 thousand apps, and yet it’s only taken 3 months for that last 25 thousand.

Anyone care to bet on when we’ll hit 200,000? I’d put money on the end of the year (if not sooner).

via MacStories

image via Flickr