The Rich Like Their iPhone & BlackBerry Apps

The so-called idle rich aren’t really idle – they’re busy playing games and surfing the Web on their iPhones and BlackBerrys.

These days, with record unemployment rates and determined penny-pinching, the Luxury Institute surveyed wealthy consumers regarding their mobile lifestyles. The survey, whose respondents have an average household income of $332,000 and net worth of $3.3 million, found that the higher the income and wealth, the more they take advantage of all that these advanced mobile devices have to offer. For instance, individuals worth at least $5 million are twice as likely as their less-wealthy counterparts to play games and watch or listen to downloaded content.

Checking weather forecasts (68%), getting driving directions (58%) and finding nearby businesses (58%) are the top mobile Web activities for the folks in this bracket. Not surprisingly, checking the financial markets also ranked up there (48%), as did finding movie times (45%) and getting sports scores (45%).

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