The Wylie Agency has no plans for getting into eBooks. In fact, according to a piece in Harvard Magazine, Wylie’s negotiations with publishers on eBooks, are currently on hold across the board. Fearing eBooks will become like MP3s, Wylie doesn’t think eBooks are a good deal for authors.

From Harvard Magazine, “He’s dissatisfied with the terms publishers have been offering for e-book rights, which were not widely foreseen and are not allocated in most extant book contracts. In fact, Wylie threatens to monetize those unassigned rights by going outside the publishing business entirely: ‘We will take our 700 clients, see what rights are not allocated to publishers, and establish a company on their behalf to license those e-book rights directly to someone like Google,, or Apple. It would be another business, set up on parallel tracks to the frontlist book business.’”

Via The Huffington Post.