It’s midsummer so it’s probably safe to assume that most of us have already forgotten our New Year’s resolutions – especially if it involved losing weight. If you really want to meet your weight challenge and have a little fun, here’s a dieting app that can inject some real rewards into your diet regimen: DietBet. It’s a little app that lets you join bets to lose weight in four short weeks – or lose money.

The largest pot of money on DietBet is about $150,000 ($25 to enter). Everyone who joins put money into the pot and everyone who loses 4% of body weight gets a share. That’s definitely worth chucking the ice cream.

Here is a testimonial from a happy winner on DietBet:

I reluctantly joined DietBet at the request of some of my work peers in the competitive eating world. I realized after losing 18 pounds in 28 days, that I had so much more work to do. So, that first DietBet started me on my journey and I have lost 104 pounds in 55 weeks. I am currently doing another DietBet to get off those final 10 pounds. I feel great! – Joel (photos below)

The diet app is also social and interactive. There’s nothing like a friendly game to get everyone motivated – you can share stories about your weight challenges or photos of your new skinny jeans. It’s all about community. Now let’s get to running!