This Week In Viral Videos – Charlie Sheen, Shuttle Launch & Cats With Thumbs

Friday is finally here and with it, as always, comes out weekly roundup of viral videos. This week was pretty Sheen-centric in terms of the buzz in the online video, social media and photosphere, but we’ve also got some other great viral videos for you including an awesome shuttle launch, some epic VFX from Freddie Wong, an animation with some totally weird marshmallows, and cats…with thumbs!

Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Dubstep

Charlie Sheen is winning left and right this week. He’s winning over here, he’s winning over there, he’s winning everywhere. With a new Guinness Record under his belt (for the fastest Tweeter to 1 million followers), and his new Meme status, Sheen is the talk of the town, online and of. This dubstep remix of his 20/20 interview has been viewed over 650,000 times in just a couple of days. If you like it, check out our list of 10 YouTube Tributes To Unemployed Winner Charlie Sheen.

Space Shuttle Launch: Viewed From Airplane

As if the view from an airplane wasn’t beautiful enough already, passengers on this flight got to witness the launch of the Discovery Shuttle. I can’t even imagine how exciting that must have been! Over 3.4 million people have viewed this video so far.

Epic VFX Time

Freddie Wong is a genius. In this video he pairs up with Epic Meal Time, who he helped achieve recognition on YouTube, in an awesome Epic VFX video that is truly epic. The video effects in this clip will blow your mind– guns and cars fall from the sky, helicopters hover and true epicness happens right before your eyes.

Marshmallow People

This video is spreading like wildfire this week, proving that people have a total soft spot for videos that are utterly ridiculous and WTF-inducing. These marshmallows are bored, and what they do to cure their boredom is bizarre, outrageous, and totally entertaining. Huh?

Cats With Thumbs

Finally, cats with thumbs are getting their fifteen minutes of fame. This week not one, but TWO videos of cats with thumbs are going viral. The first is of a cat that gives a thumbs up. The second is a funny milk commercial spot that shows what would happen if cats have thumbs. Perhaps the producers didn’t realize that there are already cats with thumbs out there (the one in the thumbs up clip proves it, and my cousin has a thumbed-cat as well). But it looks like those cats are too busy giving the thumbs up to steal milk.

If you’ve still got a hankering for even more great viral videos, check out this week’s editions of the Weekly Dose Of Cute and Weekly Dose Of WTF.

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