Did you miss the fire sale on the TouchPad the weekend after HP killed it? if you still want a TouchPad, here’s your chance to get one.

TigerDirect will be having a sale today on the TouchPad. It has a limited number of the tablets on hand and it’s selling them as parts of a bundle. Along with the 32GB TochPad you’ll also buy a case, stand, Bluetooth speakers, and a 16GB thumb drive.

If you want all those extras then the bundle is a pretty good deal. The total retail cost for the accessories is around $140, so TigerDirect is giving you a fair price. But if you’re like me then you won’t really be interested in the extras. I do not need a stand, the speakers, or the thumb drive. This price is not a a good one if you’re not going to use the accessories.

The deal goes live at 2:30pm eastern time. That’s just under 4 hours from now, and I expect it to sell out quick.

BTW, if you don’t get a Touchpad in this offer, don’t worry. There are still quite a few sellers on Amazon, Ebay, and other sites that are selling the TouchPad.