opened the gates to Techland, which it describes as a one-stop shop for technology, entertainment, games and culture. technology editor and former CrunchGear writer Peter Ha leads the Techland team, which also boasts TIME senior writer, book critic and lead technology writer Lev Grossman; World contributor and The Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman; and Steve Snyder, who will cover the latest films, DVDs and TV.

Techland will feature interviews with icons of the tech culture world; breaking tech news and features; previews of products, books and shows; weekly video wrap-ups with Grossman and Ha playing new games while discussing tech news; weekly video reviews; Battlestar Galactica updates; news on comic books, science-fiction literature and films; and exclusive clips, commentary and video interviews on TV shows, DVDs and video games. managing editor Josh Tyrangiel said:

Techland understands that the same people who care about the latest Apple news also happen to like Star Trek and World of Warfare. It’s a link between technology and culture, with the resources and standards of a mainstream media outlet. We believe there’s really nothing else like it.