Tom Hanks Makes Surprise Visit at Sony Presentation

Hanks_1.8.jpgTom Hanks insisted he wasn’t at CES solely to promote his upcoming Sony Pictures release “Angels & Demons” but rather, as repentance for choosing to buy VHS instead of a Sony Betamax, so many years ago. Hanks’ introduction of Sony chairman Sir Howard Stringer got attendees laughing during a conference that has also included the pall of the global recession hanging over the consumer electronics industry.

Stringer talked about some of Sony’s new developments including Flex, a screen so thin one can squeeze it — and Stringer did. We tweeted much of the event (click here to follow us) that was held at the Venetian/Sands convention center, we’re headed now to the LVCC to catch up with SVP and GM KC Estenson.

• Stringer: Oled tech makes screen so thin it will fold. Flex “could be the e-leader.” Squeezes Beyonce video. “Good thing Jay-Z isn’t here.”

• Stringer: Sony Web alarm clock to incorporate music, video, news headlines including, “from my alma mater CBS News.”

• Stringer: Intros Wifi cybershot camera. AT&T users get free access from 10,000 hotspots to send pictures wirelessly to blogs, other sites.

• Stringer lists the “CES 7″ initiatives including: Be be a service enhanced industry or face obsolescence & “Advance the shared experience.”

• Stringer: These are certainly challenging times. Our products need to me must-haves at affordable prices.

• Hanks is a hit as he leaves the stage. “I feel the evil forces of Samsung pulling me away. Don’t send me to the Casio hellhole.”

• Stringer about Hanks: “We’ll still be friends after the movie.” Hanks: “I’m here because you keep writing it into my contract.”

• Hanks delivers Sony-is-great speech, jokingly, begrudgingly “They write the lines but I tell the truth.”

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