Top 5 YouTube Channels Drive 1.5 Billion Streams in May

When Google first bought YouTube for $1.65 Billion in 2006, a lot of analysts questioned the move. YouTube hadn’t figured out a monetization strategy at that point, and pundits worried about whether they’d recoup the investment. Fast forward 6 years, and we see that YouTube is nearly a billion dollar business. Smart advertising strategies and a compelling partner program for content creators makes YouTube the best place to take your web video if you’re interested in making some money.

A recent report from Nielsenwire shows that YouTube’s top channels are drawing 1.5 billion total video streams in May alone. This is a gargantuan number, and represents a healthy percentage of the 16 billion videos streamed by the 136 million unique viewers.

The five channels are Vevo, the music video network; WMG, MAchinima, Fullscreen and Maker.

Here are a few more insights about the top YouTube channels:

  • More than half of each channel’s unique viewers were under the age of 35.
  • About 1 in 6 Americans who watched online video during May 2012 streamed video on the WMGYouTube channel (almost 23 million unique viewers).
  • Vevo led the top five partners in total streams (695 million), while Machinima averaged the most streams per viewer, 24 in May 2012.
  • Machinima also captured the highest composition of male viewers (62.6%), while others hovered closer to a 50/50 female/male split.
  • Fullscreen and Vevo skewed toward a slightly older demographic, as 15.3 and 15.7 percent of their viewers are 50 years or older, respectively.
  • Maker drew 9.7 million unique viewers who averaged nearly ten streams per viewer.


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