Transfer Bookmarks to The Android Browser

One problem with Google Android is that it doesn’t provide an easy way to transfer bookmarks from a PC to the phone. You are expected to create bookmarks directly on the phone, which can be a hassle if you have a lot of bookmarks that you would like to add to your phone.

RerWare provides a combination service and application for transferring bookmarks to Android phones, both the application and service are free. Follow these steps:

1. Export the bookmarks from either Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome, to an html file, and make note of where the file is located.

2. Go to the Android Market on your phone, search for MyBookmarks, and install the application.

3. Run the application. On the screen you will see an ID, which is a long numeric string that you will use for the next step.

4. Go to the RerWare web site at Chose the file that you created in step 1 above, and enter the numeric string that you see on the phone’s screen as noted in step 3. The bookmarks html file will upload to RerWare’s server.

5. If you wish to remove all the bookmarks currently in your phone’s browser, press Delete All Your Android Bookmarks on the phone.

6. Press Import Your Bookmarks From You will then have the option of importing all bookmarks at once, or selecting them individually.

If you decide to add the bookmarks from your PC to what is already on your phone, the transfered bookmarks will appear at the bottom of the bookmark list. Note that this is a one-way transfer and the application does not provide a way to transfer or backup bookmarks from the phone to a PC or a server.

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