True/Slant Shutting Down

TrueSlant052110.bmpThe May acquisition of True/Slant by Forbes Media turned out to be the death knell for the digital news site, as writer and reporter Neal Ungerleider said in a post on the site that operations would wind down at the end of the month.

Ungerleider, a former editor of mediabistro’s FishbowlNY, added that he hoped to work with other True/Slant staffers on a yet-to-be-disclosed project. From his post:

I have enjoyed myself greatly while writing for True/Slant. The staff, including Lewis D’Vorkin, Coates Bateman, Michael Roston, Andrea Spiegel, and Steve McNally, has done a marvelous job in working with us writers and creating a truly unique platform for us to work in.

To be honest, I’ll miss True/Slant. The idea of matching experienced writers with a guaranteed network of advertisers and readers and a salary is a good one. After all, we’re writers and journalists. SEO and targeted marketing for our personal blogs can reap only so many dividends.

Writing about the Middle East is difficult, even if you know the region. People can become passionate about the most innocuous of topics; throw the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a mix that includes Yemen, Egypt, Iran, and Iraq and you have a thankless task. I have received emails from supporters of the Israeli cause complaining I am overtly pro-Palestinian, while Palestinian sympathizers email me to complain I was too pro-Israeli. Both emails were over the same story.

However, here’s the thing. Many readers took time to write in and I’ve received active feedback all over the board. For a writer, there is no greater compliment.

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